Monday, June 3, 2013

April 7th

Nothing really happened family. But I guess some did. My companion is waaaay awesome and so funny. He doesn't speak any English really. Elder Martos is his name, he's from Quezon city. He's a great missionary. I'll get a picture for you next week. This computer is sooo slow.

A couple investigators got answers to their prayer to know if the Book of Mormon is true! They know its true but the only problem is they still don't think church is important!! AHH!!! Its the hardest part really. They know that the book is true and all it does is testify that works is faith and that wickedness was never happiness. Haha, pray for my work please. I had 2 baptisms last week...

It has been sooo hard getting rejected this past week... When you know something's true and they reject it, man its so hard. My testimony keeps growing like a fire, and I am always so happy. I'm going to miss this so much, dancing to "Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree", singing like Beyonce to church songs with New Zealanders, and inventing the craziest games and foods. Man I've still got my imagination that I had at the blue house playing in that tree or mini forest or with hot wheels for 5 hours, not once bored. I guess that's one of my gifts. I can't get bored... I can bike for hours to without even thinking about biking once. I biked up an entire mountain without using my hands hahahaha, I've been biking that mountain for 5 months now my legs are sexier than Arnold Schwarzenegger , and greg W ;) haahahaha. Thanks for all your prayers. I hope you write a little about general conference next week, I sure will. Man general conference is so fun, missionaries shouldn't be allowed to watch it, haha.

Love you all!

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