Saturday, June 8, 2013

May 5th I WORK OUT!!

Hello family!

Another week in the mission. I've really been improving with my people skills. I had to develop people skills again because of the culture. Man its sooo different. 

These pictures are all in Reserva, or in English Reserve because its SOOO far away. We bike there 3 times a week. These kids are both in part member families and are such brats haha. The river in that picture is used to bathe giant water buffalo and kids sometimes swim in it. Then the last picture was when we went tracking in the jungle. This is my favorite area. Its where are the native Filipinos live.

I don't get to call on Mothers Day, but the Monday on the 13th. DAD, go to my house so that I can talk to you too! I can only call one time! Bianca too! Even Bryan but he's in Oregon. 

Its becoming rainy season but still way hot. 

I finally can convert C to F without thinking! Its an average of 18 degrees here which is 100 f. It's humid too!! Sometimes it gets up to 106 and I walk in it. I apply sunscreen don't worry. It was HARD to fast 24 without water haha. Especially after biking 20 miles and it being 102 degrees haha. I sang in sacrament meeting! Twice now with the guy from New Zealand. It sounded nice.

ITS HOOTTTT!! I'm so used to it though, I barely sweat in it. And I really don't mind. I drink about 1 to 2 leters everyday before I leave the house, drink more in work, and when I get home and take calcium and multivitamins. Every once and a while Emergency. I also jump rope EVERYDAY and do stretchy band work outs abs and push ups. We wake up at 6:15am every morning to get a head start and play basketball as well every morning. 

Besides me trying to stay in shape my spirit is also in shape. I am in Helaman now in the BOM, make sure you all read EVERYDAY..

Love you all!

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