Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pictures 12-8-13



New Companion!! 12-8-13

I have a new companion now! Elder Orndorff from Spokane, Washington! He was in the same house as me a year ago in my second area. The government here is holding his moms donation and is demanding money (tax) before they give it to president. So make sure that you only send through LBC, LBC is totally fine. The government is super, super corrupt here.

Thanks for that awesome update about the fundraiser! I'm excited for this thing! That picture doesn't even depict the damage at all, I've seen things that came from real cameras that make that picture look like a 5 star hotel. there is literally no buildings standing in one area for miles. There are 2 survivors that moved to our branch because they don't have a house anymore. There is nothing standing and mom, 1,000 deaths is wrong. I asked the people coming from the storm and they said there are easily over 10,000 deaths. The government is lying, their are too many... The average house here has like 5 people in it so there are tens of thousands dead. Careful how you send things because the government will capture it and demand hundreds of dollars of taxes. President Querido is getting sick to his stomach because of this government.
Tell me how it goes!

We moved houses which was another miracle, I didn't like my old house, it was too small and hot. The other day President said, isn't your area closer to the house in the city? and we said yes, so he said go move there tomorrow. So now we live with the other zone leaders and its a party. We have 3 Americans and one sri langcin, he's suuper funny. I'm glad
to be there haha. How is the ward in University Place? Any new girls my age? hahahaha. Nope.
I'm hungry, we're going to Army and Navy today and eating burritos. I looove Olongapo haha.
I love you all! Your all in my prayers!

Elder Kapeliela