Monday, June 17, 2013

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! Sunday, May 12th

I won't say much because we just talked, but I forgot to tell you about these elections, they're crazy here. They have super loud jeep vehicles driving 24/7 blasting songs that they wrote for the candidate. Its annoying sometimes but I'm used to it. They all buy their elections and give money out to people so that they vote for them, and sometimes they give candy out so that's always awesome haha.

I miss you all, don't get too old on me and always workout so you can see my kids kids kids. 

Next 6 months when I Skype you, have questions written down!

Why do you think the Miami's going to win? 

No pictures yet, man I biked in the craziest lightning storm. We have one investigator that will be baptized, he smoked and drank my first day here but now we go to him everyday so that he hopefully won't, so he hasn't yet and he went to church Sunday! 

I am an exact obedient missionary and happy here so thanks for all your prayers I feel them! I'm assigned in Botolan Zambales if you want to search on google maps! I am happy to be a district leader here in this growing branch and to be a pioneer in this future ward.

Love ya all!

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