Thursday, December 20, 2012

November 11th

Well my companion is Elder Dela Cruz from Iloilo, and he's a great companion and very diligent. It feels so good to go home after a busy day of work. The work is hard here and in fact we are teaching a Jehovah's Witness pastor, a member of the ilglesia ni cristo or Church of Christ,  a born again, and many Catholics. The Jehovah's Witness lesson went very well because I read the day of defence the day before and it talked about all that we discussed.
He said Jehovah is God, so we showed him a scripture in Isaiah 43 "3 For I am the Lord thy God, the aHoly One of Israel, thy bSaviour: I gave cEgypt for thy dransom, Ethiopia and eSeba for thee." When we had him read it he read fast and skipped over "saviour" and so we said read it again slowly, and he got really really red. They have their own bible where they replaced all the names of Jesus like lord and all mighty into Jehovah (because they think Jehovah is god). So he read a scripture in his bible that said I Jehovah am the savior and then we referenced to the scripture that says (helaman 5:9) 9 O remember, remember, my sons, the words which king Benjamin spake unto his people; yea, remember that there is no other way nor means whereby man can be saved, only through the atoning blood of Jesus Christ, who shall come; yea, remember that he cometh to redeem the world. So I said boldly, who is Jehovah? and he stuttered a little bit and then he went into his house and gave us a book and said read it. and he didn't answer our question and was embarrassed. But we were very loving and then told him to read the Book of mormon and showed moroni 10:3-5. Our religion has no false doctrine and when you trust in the lord , he really will put words in your heart in that very moment.

Well last week the Relief Society president passed away. The day before last Sunday we gave her a lesson on Sariah about how she endured in the wilderness while having babies because Sister Delores was becoming inactive because of her baby, but she actually came. I don't know what it was, maybe she fasted or something but she passed away after church in a room with her head on the table. Sad story. But at her funeral we gave talks about the plan of salvation. and the funeral had over 200 people, so we got after her funeral over 15 investigators which is a miracle and taught over 200 people Gods plan of Salvation. I"ll have a picture of it next week, I have no camera with me.

We have 3 baptisms in a couple of weeks now! We had 7 inactives that became active again (means they went to church 4 times in a row)! That's our accomplishments this week.

Oh ya, tell Elder Rosales my former companion that the next electric bill was 1090 pesos haha. He left me with the bill!

Someone tell me whats up the the new Halo 4 everyone is talking about here... haha.

Man, it's just so beautiful here. The scenery is just unreal. Its like paradise here. It feels like Jurassic Park sometimes haha.

Mahal ko kayo! Ingat!
Elder Kapeliela
November 11th

Miss ya all! I've been gone for 4 months now... wow, that means six more 4 month periods like this and I'm done! That is so crazy! I don't like how fast its going! But maybe you all do haha. Think about it, there is only 1 summer where I won't be home! I actually think that's pretty cool. Except that I can't light fireworks... I haven't changed much in physical looks at all... I do sweat and walk alllll the time, but I do eat a lot haha. So I think I'm still the same weight to be honest. I'm starting to think in Tagalog before English now and my Tagalog is better. I still wouldn't say I'm fluent though. I can understand my companion fluently but some people I just really cant understand well because they sound drunk. Everyday is still like the first day I was here. The people are still running at me like I'm an alien, and still freak out when they see an American. But anyways I had some extra time so I sent this.
 Love you all!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Elder Kapeliela's address:
Elder Beau Kapeliela

Philippines Olongapo Mission

Km. 140 National Highway

Mangan-Vaca, Subic

2209 Zambales


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November 4th

Kumusta kayo!!!!!!! So I just realized a couple days ago that people have been speaking 2 different dialects... ilokano and kapangpangan... Sooo that's why I haven't been understanding. haha I'm
learning kapangpangan for fun haha. There is a little town called Mabatang and it has its own language. I think that's crazy! So anyways for Bryan and Austin, this language in the middle of the ocean and in this tiny city in my tiny area is very special to my heart. Yes in Capangpangan is Oowa. They just spell it like uwa. So imagine your talking to someone and they respond with oowa everytime you ask a question and they are dead serious and try not to laugh. Its impossible. when I ask something and they say, oowa, I have to leave the room.. hahahaha.

What I also notice here is that everywhere is just a huge party where everyone shares everything and music is blasting everywhere and people are always in huge groups. It's like a giant party here haha. I love it!

Anyways, last week I talked about how difficult of a week it was, although it was difficult it was the best experience of my life, and I grew SO much so that when my new companion came, we blasted lessons with such power. He's the former assistant to the president so he's a good missionary. But he's so good that he makes me lead all of the lessons so that I grow. Its hard but I really feel like I have mastered most of the lessons. I can say I'm fluent when I talk about the gospel. Haha, seriously. Anyways, ya, I have grown SO much by those horrible difficult days.. But I made the best out of it with the ward missionary. I made games for finding people and it was a blast and I taught him how to approach people and everything. It was amazing how much I grew and how much faith I had to put in the Savior. He really did help me when I needed him. I've also been having to lead my new companion in the area and I can say I've mastered my area now.

We're teaching an iglesia ni cristo member. Look them up, they believe Christ was a man and not a God. They are extreme, I'll tell you how it goes!

Well I can't express enough how much I love you all! Families are forever! and I cant wait to share that message with every single person in my area! Love you all ! Help the missionaries in your area and give them referrals! Members are full time finders and missionaries, full time teachers!

INgat kayo! Elder Kapeliela

Monday, November 19, 2012

This was sent Oct. 28th

BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!! It went so well!!! I baptized Julie Ann and Andria Sapinoro! Their dad told us that he wants to be baptized now! So We're gonna start giving him the lessons tomorrow! So that's my 5th baptism now! By the way, we opened this area. That means there were no missionaries that were working here before us and we had to find all our investigators. The lord blessed us so that the investigators found us! Plus in order for investigators to be baptized they have to go to church 4 times in a row! In a row! But it's all about faith right!?

So my companion is home now so My "companion" is a ward missionary. Brother Salazar from Cupang. This is the hardest thing I have ever done and I need all your prayers. I can hardly understand people , it was easier with my companion. Now that I'm leading I have to focus on a ton more than just what people are saying. Its in a way depressing but a better word is its EXTREMELY HARD. But I know I'm growing so I have to endure... My new companion comes Wednesday. So I have to teach and lead the area until then.

There is no Halloween here, its call Araw ng mga santos, or All saints day like Mexico. They tail gate on their graves. It's interesting because the graves are on mountains.

Just something funny I heard a little girl say. She said to her mom, "Mom, why don't leave leave dad for a foreigner? They have more money and that's what all the other moms are doing." Hahahaha sooo messed up haha.

We had a typhoon lvl 1, 2 days ago. It was raining ALL day super hard and the winds were hard too. But the heart of the storm was in Cebu so I was lucky. It didn't affect our work too much. But we ran to the investigators houses and we were soaking wet!
Love you all! Have a good Halloween! Be careful with my xbox Bianca!

Ingat! Elder Kapeliela

Friday, November 2, 2012

Conference Week

Sorry, I am a little behind! I'm trying to catch up on his posts!! Sent Oct 21st.
He writes:
 I just want to go serve and not have P-day! AH! Anyways! This was our conference week so I feel absolutely inspired! What a difference in this conference! What a growth in me as conference time rolled around. Last year I was in the living room at BYU-Hawaii shirtless doing push-ups with my roommates while the talk was playing on a laptop, opposed to me all dressed up at the church building listening to all 5 sessions and taking notes. All though I didn't grow in muscle I grew a ton in spirit!
Tell Judy Swenson I found her Filipino look alike, hahaha.
Someone told me I look like George from George of the Jungle and the actor from the Mummy? haha. I don't think so.
I hope you all went to General Conference or at least listened to it because these people here don't eat in order to afford going all the way to Orani. it is expensive yet they do it. I hope you all at least turned the TV on.
If you heard the priesthood talk they said they brought the whole priesthood to individual houses for reactivation, we did that before the talk too, haha, and in fact 2 of the people we visited came with us the last time too! The solution to bringing people back to church isn't inside the church, its outside the church.
Dad, in conference they said the same thing you said to me 2 weeks ago that no matter what happens, Christ will be on my right hand. Why don't you just give a talk at Conference already! haha
People here walk around with m16s and snipers and shot guns, its pretty crazy.
I hope you all read your Scriptures and Book of Mormon EVERY DAY, because my investigators are on Alma 30. They started 3 weeks ago. The Tagalog Book of Mormon is WAY bigger AND the translation is like 100 more pages, so don't let my investigators beat you! The 19 yr old girl I taught said "this is everything I ever wanted, and I feel like the mission age changing to 19 was all for me." She's going to serve a mission as soon as she is eligible. wow.
I learned a lot of valuable things this conference. LOVE = LOYALTY. Simple as that. It's not just the feelings of love, or saying it, or spending every second, although that is what you do when you are in love it is not love itself. Love, is LOYALTY. Elder Holland brought up a great point. When we die, and God asks you if you love him. Do YOU think you can tell God to his face that you love him? He says, "If you love me, keep my commandments". Love = loyalty. At that moment I thought, I have the SAME calling as Elder Holland. That calling is to testify of Christ. I HAVE the authority to speak with such power with such chastising, and I HAVE the right. So I'm asking you all: Can you say that you love Christ this VERY second? Can you say you loved him this day? He tells us loving him is keeping his commandments. Always ask yourself, every day: Can I tell God that I loved him this day? Hopefully it is yes, everyday. Love = loyalty.

(my companions last P-day)
I love you all!
Elder Kapeliela
 The family he taught
A baby praying

I want to thank Laura Palmer for sending me this picture that her son (Elder Palmer) sent her.
It means so much to me!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

I Am Quite Good at Doing Laundry by Hand! No Cuts!

A couple of notes I received recently

The acid is all gone and no scars, all good! The sterilizing thing was on it! A full meal here is around 1.20 which is like 3 dollars American money! haha everything is suuuper cheap. I give my clothes to a member now, it helps them with money sooo much and its a blessing for them. Yes, I am quite good at doing laundry by hand, no cuts!  ;)

Smile, because I'm fine. :)) I have my family! Nothing can stop me from being happy when I'm doing the lords work. NOTHINg. I feel that same spirit I felt at the lesson now. It's real mom, the spirit told me. I'm 100% positive. Never doubt I love you! I miss you all, but every week is so fast I can't even believe it's almost transfers!!! I'll eat 2 balot this transfer hahaha bye :) I'm happy, K buh bye! They say buh bye here, haha. I'm gonna go shop at Balanga!

Elder Kapeliela

New Pictures From Elder Kapeliela


Mabatang, Bataan, Philippines 

Cute children!
Walking in the rice fields
One of his meals
An average home in the Philippines

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Quote from Beau

Beau sent me an email and this is all that it said:

“Some men are willing to die for their faith, but they are not willing to fully live for it.”

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Wall

Beau sent me this picture, so I wrote back and asked "What is this?" He said, it's a wall.
OK, so this is Beau acting like he is holding up a wall. Haha

Beau in Balanga City


                                                                Beau walking around.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Update about acid burn

I talked with the mission office and they talked with Beau and he is fine. Sister Murray said it was a mild acid that they use and he had what was like a mild sunburn, and has healed.well.
Some people were worried, so I'm posting this for them! (so when Beau reads this one day, he won't be mad because I wrote the mission office)!

Philippines Address

If you'd like to send Beau a letter, here's the address! He would love to get some letters!

Elder Beau Kapeliela
Philippines Olongapo Mission
Km. 140 National Highway
Mangan-Vaca, Subic
2209 Zambales

Thursday, October 11, 2012

I found another picture from the MTC! His friends from BYU-Hawaii.
Thanks CJ

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Some more MTC pictures

Here's some pictures from his time at the MTC

                                                           This picture is for you CJ! 


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Monkey

Beau sent me a picture of the monkey....looks scary! Hope the monkey lightens up! lol
Waiting to hear back about the acid, to make sure Beau's skin is alright!
Today started off pretty bad... I woke up, went to the bathroom to bathe and after I realized that I itched like CRAZY then it started to burn. And this Isn't normal burning this is like... insane, you want to die of pain and I asked my companion, what happened? and he said, "did you use the bucket?" and I said, "yes?" Then he said. I pored acid in there to clean the bathroom floor. And while this is going on, it feels like my skin is gonna separate and tear and I felt like I had no skin and that my flesh was out and I literally wanted to jump off a 10,000 foot cliff...... with a parachute, than glide into a freezing ocean and scream for the rest of my life. The pain went on for about 30 minutes.  This was the worst physical pain I think I've ever felt. I finally realized, I need to pray. So, I got on my knees and screamed a verbal prayer in the closet and the pain STOPPED. Utterly stopped. and I cried thanks to the lord and laughed with my companion about it haha. Then I went to brush my teeth and I asked my companion, "why is my toothbrush out of the refridge? and he said... oh that's yours?? and I said ya?... Then he said, I used it to clean the brown stains the neck off my shirt... than we laughed about that. hahaha. Then after that he was getting in the shower and he said oh ya, do the dishes. I didn't laugh... But I did them because serving others serves God so I did it with a smile on my face and right now at this very moment I couldn't be happier with my life!

So this week a district leader AND zone leader got Emergency transferred because of disobedience. A Fijian and a Utah kid. SHAKING MY HEAD. The funny thing is is that they told me when I met them, "its okay to be a little disobedient" so I said,"OK, I'll ask the prez" Anyways, there in huge trouble.

I had balot the other day. I do whatever my senior companion tells me to do so I just ate it. Well I chugged it haha. The feathers were chewy but over all, I liked it! Every transfer I think I'll eat 2, than next transfer 3, 4 ,5 and so on hahaha.

Well we extended 3 more baptismal dates...... and they all said Opo!!!! which is yes haha. so this sabbath day we had 10 investigators at church and 6 less actives come! One of the less actives hadn't gone in 16 years! Miracles! It was hard to keep all 16 entertained, but I know the spirit hit their hearts because they went up and bore their testimony's!!! Not all but some did!! It was hard not to eat... but I did it and felt so good after! and I know I'm being blessed! Except for the acid... I think 9 of our investigators are female hahahaha. but the less actives returning include 3 endowed men so I feel like that's pretty good! From the first day of sacrament meeting to this past one, there are 40 more people here!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The members are excited for missionary work because of our effort and we have referrals, which is like candy to me :) !!! YAY!!!

So I've been working out hard. I actually look forward to it. I have a jump rope haha. My calves are always so sore but I'm able to go for 10 minutes pretty hard now. My goals is 20. Its fun, but I mess up a lot still... my technique isn't there yet. Once it stops raining I'm going to start doing it outside.

I live in Capitangan, which is a little city close to Abucay. I live by a rice field and a bridge in case you wanted to google map it. My boundaries are Capitangan to Mabatang. I'm getting used to the culture now. Its been different ahahaha. So far I dont want you guys to come to this place but maybe later once I get sent up north where its prettier!

I bet your wondering about that monkey. Well, lets just say I see him twice a week and if their weren't bars, I would be dead hahaha. That monkey HATES me for some reason and always wants to throw poop at me. He's never even got CLOSE to hitting me so I don't care hahah. But he trys to destroy that box when I walk by hahahaha. I love him, but he hates me. oh well. 

The mission age thing is CRAAAZY!! (Age changing to 18 for boys and 19 for girls) WOWOWOW! I'm kinda glad I got to go to BYUH though! Actually really glad! I met Aroha, danced hula everyday, surfed! I actually have things to talk about because of that. and I have Filipino friends to go back and talk to.
Anyways my prayers are sooo long every night because I love you all so much!! Everyone that's reading this I probably pray for you!! Mahal ko kayo! Ingat!
                               Here's the little stinker! He looks like he wants to jump on Beau!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

OlOnGaPo MiSsIoN

 It helps knowing he loves it there! As a mom, I do worry about him being so far from home in another country. But reading and hearing the excitement that he has about serving the people of the Philippines, really helps! I'm glad he is where he wants to be, is happy, and as a bonus, he's making a difference!

Here's his letter:

I feel great after this awesome week... This week has been amazing and the blessings of obedience definitely showed! So the week started off with my companion telling me that the last missionaries at the house we stay in told him that in the middle of the night he woke up and saw someone unscrewing the nails to the window in our room and he screamed and the guy ran away and the bolts to this day are still undone haha. So the President put me in the most dangerous part of the mission because I'm a big guy haha. After that I stayed up a little later! There is a wall next to our room that's on the 2nd floor, so people can get up there easily.

Don't worry about food, because I'm in a ward that feeds us ALOT. Apparently missionaries leave this area 20 pounds bigger haha. I don't gain weight though and I'm still 200 lbs flat. I always go to the side shops and buy bread, its sooo good.

During my lessons I always have millions of flys on me... Idk how the Filipinos don't care if they land on them.. I always slap them off me! Its distracting but it's getting better. Also where ever you go there is someone singing karaoke with the speakers on 10. So there's always karaoke in the background of lessons too! haha.

So now to the miracles. We were walking down the road after a lesson and a lady stops us and says hey! Come meet my daughter! She had a dream that missionaries were gonna teach her! So we followed her down the skinny alleys in the dark and ended up at a house with 8 children. They told us about the dream and then we introduced ourselves and started to teach. We taught them lesson 1 princ. 1-2 and at the end the girl said I WANT TO BE BAPTIZED! Soooo, the next lesson we had with them we invited them for baptism on the 27th of October and they said yes! The WHOLE family of 8! and guess what? THEY came to church!! We also got 3 inactives to return to church! Oh, and the ward mission leaders mom is a born again and very unreceptive and I lead that lesson and she said, I know its true, because that boy has the gift of tongues! So SHE will also be baptized. I don't have pictures with my baptism last week yet sorry! So anyways. This week was amazing.
The next day we got cussed out by a man that owns a fan shop. I guess the previous missionaries argued with him. He said Joseph Smith isn't a prophet! The last prophet was Jesus Christ! then we said, Where in the bible does it say that? He stuttered and said, "if I find it I'll bash your heads together! (there's a word in Tagalog for bash your heads together hahah) Don't worry, I'm a foot taller than him haha. So we have good and bad days.

Not done yet! haha, I had to send that cause of the pictures. So another miracle, while we were teaching a less active member, after the lesson was done my companion and I had the impression to have her pray. So she prayed and after she was crying and felt so bad about not going to church and we stayed a bit longer and it was a sweet experience.

I saw a motorcycle crash prayed for him and as I was running to help him and he stood up and rode off. Another miracle. One more actually. A member asked me to bless his baby that was sick, so I did so and after the blessing the baby started starring at me and stopped crying and the dad took him in the other room and said thanks. Before we left I saw the baby smiling and playing again.

Everyone read Alma 48:17 and commit to me to be like Moroni in an email.

Soooo... In the middle of the lessons people breast feed their children every time... so awkward... and people are always peeing on the street! And you can't touch the dogs! ddiiiirty sila, (they are dirty).

So besides that nasty side note, basically every day's like a good day of church or a good family home evening and I could do it forever!

Something I noticed here is that in the Philippines people honk to save your life but in America, people honk because they want to take your life haha. Well we're working hard and had a 40+ lesson week. It's amazing here. There's lightning everyday haha, I love it.

The people either ignore you or are SUPER Nice! The phrases people always call me is HEY JOE! AMERICANO!! WhAT IS your naME??? HI!! YOUR HUGE! and they all stare at me.. Well I always reply with, Hey Philippino! if they say Joe, or I say saan? or Wheres a Joe? Joe means GI Joe the American war troops. I'm at the start of the bataan death march! Look up Abucay and see it on google maps maybe! I'm in Balanga City right now emailing with like 10 other missionaries.
Well I love you all! Be good! Realize I'm not distracted!

Thursday, September 27, 2012


  This is the first letter I recieved from Beau in the Philippines.

Sunday, September 23, 2012 7:26 PM

Well its SUPPPPPPPPPPEEEERRR poor here,  but I love it and its just what I wanted! Its is so hot that I just gave up hahaha I sweat literally 24/7, I loove it (nacho libre voice). haha. The people are SOOO nice and they are ALWAYS smiling and laughing, its great! I love these people so much. Everyday all day there has been a thunder/lightning storm bigger than I've ever seen and they're so astig! Awesome* I pick up enough in what they say to understand the concept but how they talk is how I would talk if I was making up some crazy language!
My companion is Elder Rosales from Bacolud which is in the middle of the country and his first language is Hiligaynon, but it's his last transfer before he goes home so he's fluent at English and tagalog. He's pretty awesome, but he's starting to get trunky, haha pero okay lang! Its just fine*
Well, we taught over 15 lessons in this short week and guess what? There are over 700 members but only 60 are active. INSANE. So we mostly go to inactive members homes. Once I'm fluent, I have ALOT to say to these inactives. They are SO stubborn. I was at a home recently, and I finally go and pick up a guitar and played it for an older couple. They were 85 and inactive. They were "offended" But I played them like 3 Hawaiian songs and they fell in love with each other again! haha. These people were in the military in Olongapo first.
Oh ya, my area is Abucay and It's awesome. It's a little city with a million jeepnys and tricial motor bike things haha. Its pretty funny. They drive crazier than I've ever seen. Maybe go on youtube and search Manila driving, its insane!
 I threw up like 6 times on the trip here. It was miserable, but I didn't stop smiling. haha my companion and I have a song called, "Were smiling, and were not stopping and we don't know why were smiling" hahaha its astig! haha. This is for Aroha, hahah I got proposed to 5 times already hahahaha, we say BAWAL YAN and walk away laughing haha.

There are SOOOOO many dogs walking around, always about 20 in eye sight, and cats, they are all starving, its so sad... I saw a chicken fighting arena too, it's right by our house. Man, I could go on forever.

 The food is just rice and fish and adobo and random seafood. Its masarap (delicious!) My house is pretty nice but the inside is like a hurricane, but oh well. I hand washed my clothes this morning and I have cuts all over my hands, haha. Our neighbors are REALLY nice members! OH ya, I got my first baptism on Saturday. You'll see pictures soon, haha. His name is Jessie Boy Rojas Asor. He is great, we're best friends haha. I did the baptism in Tagalog haha I'm literally a foot taller than everyone. I haven't met ONE Filipino taller than me or even close haha.

When I walk past kids they all scream and run at me shouting all the enlish they know haha," WHATS YOUR NAME! HOW OLD ARE YOU! HEY JOE! YOUR WHITE!" haha I say "saan ang nanay mo??! Where is your mother hahaha. They go crazy when they hear me speak tagalog haha. Man, I ve never been so grateful for the things I have at home..... We are sooo blessed, period. I love this work to death and I'll work even if the lightning hits me. I love these people and I want their salvation more than mine. They are so hard working, NEVER complain and always think about there family first. I wanna be just like them. Anyways, I love you all!

1st area, 1st companion

It was so wonderful to get a phone call from the Mission President!! He let me know Beau got there safely! He told me Beau only wanted him to speak Tagalog to him. His Mission President is from the Philippines. He said I would be surprised how well Beau speaks Tagalog. This was from the email
I received:

Elder Kapeliela has been assigned to Abucay Area, Balanga District in the Balanga Zone. His companion is Elder Paul Rosales.

Now I can track him! lol

Thursday, September 20, 2012

On his way!

And the adventure begins!

Beau left the MTC on Sept 17th. He sent an email letting me know he would be calling, but didn't say when! So all day I had my phone in my hand or right by me! I checked it over and over just in case!! lol! I dropped my phone and half of the screen blacked out, I was freaked out and wondered if I broke it and it wouldn't ring! An hour later at 11:30pm I got the call! All the emotion came out and relief of getting to hear his voice! I was fortunate to talk with him for about an hour. The person on the phone, my son, sounded so much older and wiser! I hadn't talked with him for 2 months, and I swear it seemed longer!! (It was the longest I've gone without talking with him). He seemed excited and happy to begin his service in the Philippines.

He bore his testimony in Tagalog and I couldn't believe how good it was. He told me he and his companion at the MTC only spoke Tagalog together for a week and really learned it well. Besides the 14 hours of classes and studying for 2 months!

He talked to me about his time at the MTC and Sunday to sang a solo in front of the 2,500 other missionaries and leaders. I asked him if it was recorded and he said yes!!!! Now, if he'll just send it!!!
I asked him if he had everything he needed and he said yes! I hope so! Also, I heard it can take 2+ months to get a package, so I told him to think about what he may need and tell me soon, because I'll be sending his Christmas box the end of October!

I can't even tell you how wonderful the call was! Now if I can wait until the first email to let me know he got there alright! It was a long trip. He left Provo, and flew to San Fransisco, where he called me! He had over an hour lay over. Flew to Hong Kong, Manila, then a 3 hour bus ride to Olongapo! It was over 24 hours of traveling. It's 15 hours ahead there, so he almost lost a day!


Elder Kapeliela's mom :-)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Week 8

So today was an amazing day. After the temple at 6:30 an elder in our zones mother got converted while he was in the MTC. I've been waiting to tell you this story until it actually happened. So his mom, after years and years of rejecting the missionaries was converted and was wanting to get baptized from her son (the Antoigues). They are from Guam, but now in Texas the past 6 years. So the missionary teaching his mom in Texas called the Mission Training Center president, president Brown and asked if her son who is in the MTC could baptize her. and they got permission!! And he is leaving in 6 days!! The baptism was today and it was all just a miracle. The 2 witnesses were the 2 fathers of the missionaries who converted her in Texas! Their families were there and the missionary who converted elder Antoigue was here too because he's from Provo! He got converted less than 2 years ago from being strong in the Catholic Church. Its such a miracle to see families become eternal. His dad is very stubborn and would reject the missionaries but guess what!! He came to watch! Me and 3 elders from New Zealand (Harris, Tipene, and Smiler) sang "When I am Baptized" from the children's handbook and "polyfied" it. haha! It was beautiful and we added key changes and everything, it was seriously beautiful. But the most special part of it all was when he baptized her in the primary room with all 100 elders and sisters in our zone there. When he said in the name of the Father, Son, And the Holy Ghost I could feel each separate spirit enter into my body and I know that the spirit was there. The most amazing part was when she came straightway out of the water and they cried with exceeding joy. I've never felt the spirit so strong in my life and after this baptism he bore his testimony to everyone with the greatest spirit I have witnessed and I bore a 10 minute testimony to his father about our true church and our plan of happiness and that there family can be together forever and I know that his father felt the spirit and I will get back to you with his conversion story next time :)
 It was simply amazing and I know this church is true and that we have the happiest message on this planet and there is NOTHING I would rather be doing than this. NOTHING in this world brings more happiness than seeing a family become eternal, nothing makes you happier than seeing people come unto Christ. This church is true. After the true church was taken off the church in Christs time it has been put back on the face of the earth now as the bible said, and it is all part of Gods perfect plan. I'm so grateful that I got to witness someone be baptized by one with the authority of God, and I love this work.
My next letter will be from the Philippines!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

At the MTC

 Pointing to Hawaii          Sister Len Wai
The Philippines!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Week 7
This week has been very special for me. I've learned some valuable lessons from my studies that I know will help everyone reading this. But first I want to tell you about the fun parts of my week. I went to the temple and it was great although too early haha. I also got to watch the prophets 85th birthday celebration in the devotional gym and got to hear some mean opera and great singers. I also got way better at the language and my companion and I are best friends. So on to what I've learned. SO, I got mad at somebody the other day because he said something completely bawal and I didn't know how to steam all of the anger off, so I just read the scriptures and turned to Matthew and ended up reading the whole thing. Nothing has ever hit me so hard in my life. I realized that there is only 1 person that has ever lived on this earth that had a reason to be angry. And that is the savior. After only helping people and healing them and teaching them things of great worth his own apostles fell asleep on him in the garden during his atonement and he didn't even think of getting mad. His own apostle betray him and he didn't get phazed. He was beaten and wiped to the point where a mortal man would die and he forgave them. People tempted him telling him that if he was the son of god to deliver himself from the cross, and he only loved them. He is the only person in this world that deserves to get angry. What right do we have to be angry? NONE. I haven't been mad since and I can't imagine how Jesus feels when were angry when he knows that its for no reason. I cant be a hypocrite and will not be.
In Ether 3 it talks about the Jaredites deliverance from Israel. They built there barges "tight, like unto a dish" and therefore there barge could not be opened or harassed. When the mountanous waves crashed on them, when the winds blew like unto a hurricane, when the rains came down like a single drop covering the air into water these trials could not touch the barges because they were "tight, like unto a dish" and in fact these winds, waves, and rains were pushing them to the promised land. When we have waves and winds and rains falling on us be "tight like unto a dish" and let those trials take you to you "promised land". Always choose the right, because the church is true, and the commandments are true. Don't ever doubt that, cause I know its true. If you read the book of mormon everyday, elder bednar promises you will NEVER fall away. I know these things are true, in the name of jesus christ amen

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Week 6
I'm getting this out a few days later than usual! A few more weeks in the MTC!
Here's his letter:
Hello everyone, keep dr eldering me and telling me how your doing I love it! Sounds like its Bianca's stressful dance week! I miss everything about dance. My roommate just left to San Diego cause he got his mission call change because of infection of the eye. It was really sad to see him go. Like really sad, and he taught me how to Machata SO good haha. Tell Kevin Congratz and that if he needs a babysitter in the future I owe him an entire childhood haha. Except I've never changed a diaper before... D & C 88: 117-141, I want my home to be like this. read it!
So my new favorite scripture is D & C 45:3-5, it is Jesus pleading for our souls to the father, read it and love it! I have came so close to Christ. While I was doing initiatory (can't spell that) I could feel the presence of the people whom I was conferring the blessing upon the spirit and it was a great experience. My favorite quote is "RETURN WITH HONOR!" and there's nothing that could take me away from this work.
Once again, it just seems like everyone in the gym just wants to fight so now I just go play volleyball outside in the sand pits, they have NICE beach volley ball, but without a beach haha.
So I have a good "musical" spiritual thought for you all. When I am about to perform in front of many people its SO important to tune my bass or guitar. I'm sure you know that if two notes are playing and they are even slightly out of tune it sounds HORRIBLE. Ask any orchestra nerd like me. Its the same with your spirit, if you are just slightly out of tune with the spirit it doesn't work at all. and especially for me since I need to be on the same tune as my investigator. I have been really trying to follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost. Elder Anderson sharde a good story about President Monson. He was going to a stake meeting and he had an impression to go visit someone who was on their death bed in the hospital. He acknowledged the prompting but didn't want to miss the stake presidents talk so he stayed and as soon as the president began to talk his prompting grew even stronger so to be nice to the stake president he decided to wait until he was done speaking. As soon as he was done speaking he sprinted to the hospital to an empty bed and the nurse said he had passed away 45 minutes earlier. And the nurse said, "are you brother Monson? and he said yes" and she said "he was calling for your name before he died". From that point on he ALWAYS listened to the promptings. Even Brother Anderson said that no matter whats going on, if president Monson has a prompting he'll fulfill it and leave meetings or anything of great importance to do it. In my life I had a prompting to go out a certain door that was a longer route to my residence. While I was walking I got to see the most beautiful sunset and stars I had ever seen with the temple and mountains in the background. It made me happy and I know that that was God sending me there so he could put a smile on my face. Listen to the spirit, all :) I love you all! Mahal ko kayo! Ingat! Expect letters everyone! (Bianca Aroha Bryan mom dad) hahaha.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

After I posted the last letter he posted this:

 I just heard neil l anderson talk... so amazing... my life is changed. Tell everyone. It was amazing!!!! And its presidents monsons 85th birthday haha

I love hearing the excitement coming from him!

Posted Tues. Aug. 21st

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Week 5

I'm so amazed at how fast he's learning the language and writing it! I need to ask a filipino friend of mine if this actually tagalog! LOL

Here's the letter:

So this week was pretty good. Just got back from the temple, it was a good session, learned some new things. I am always trying to do service for others. I always put the goals away after gym time, always put away the volleyball nets, always hold the door open, give people my food, and let people cut me in line. Because the verse in the book of mormon hit me sooo hard. It said that the last will be first, and the first will be last. So I'm taking it literally in everything I do. That's why I get up in the morning last ;) haha, its been SOOO hard to wake up... :/ So here is my testimony in Tagalog. I know Aroha asked for it so Ill just type it for everyone.
Alam ko po na totoo po ang simbihan ni jesucristo ng mga banal sa mga huling araw. Alam ko po na mapagmahal po ang diyos at si jesucristo. Alam ko po na ipinanumbalik na po ang simbahan ni Jesucristo sa pamamagitan ni joseph Smith. Alam ko po na sa pamamagitan ng pagabayad-sala ni jesu cristo, puwede naligtas po tayo. Alam ko po na mahalaga po and panalangin at aklat ni mormon tayo. Alam ko po na ipinadala tayo ng Diyos sa mundo, upang matuto at umulad, upang matuto at umunlad, kailangan po tayo magdasal at mag basa ng aklat ni mormon araw araw. Alam ko po na tinutulungan po ng Diyos at kanyang mga anak dito sa mundo. Nagbayad-sala po si jesucristo para sa kasalanan natin, at mahal ko po siya. Sinasabi ko po ito, sa pangalan ni Jesucristo, Amen.
 I'm not gonna translate it so good luck! haha. I love you all and miss you and have grown such a strong testimony here! 
 Well it's time for me to get my laundry! Love you all!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I can't believe it's week 4!! Almost a month since he went into the MTC! I love the stories and hearing of his growth every week.

Week 4

Hey so another week just went bye... Wow... Congrats to Holly and Kevin for having there baby boy!! Tell him I wish I was there to meet him! Was I close to a right guess on his facebook thing?  I've already ruined 2 shirts... Haha sorry... I wrote Bianca! She should have gotten it!
So my Tagalog is improving like CRAZY. I can pretty much say whatever I want and it's amazing to see the miracle of the gift of tongues. So right now there are already 3 missionaries that got a mission call change or are going home. Crazy huh? I'm not going home even if I get cancer! Some good scriptures to read are Luke ch 6.
 So the cool thing about Tagalog is that we can understand Spanish, but Spanish speakers can't understand us! haha. But I can speak good enough Spanish to communicate so it's perfect! So there is this really inspiring person in my district. He's from Scottsdale Arizona, his name is Brett Patrick. He has only been a member of the church for just over 1 year. Lets just say he made some mistakes in his life. He's the kinda guy you would NEVER mention the church too because he would just make fun of it. He was literally the LAST person you would expect to be mormon. He partied and did all the things that are involved with that. 3-4 years ago he started dating a girl who used to be mormon. She was inactive at the time and didn't hold the standards of the church either. But after 3 years of dating, the missionaries went to their house. 4 months of them coming hadn''t changed him at all but it changed his girlfriend. Then one visit he said he prayed about the Book of Mormon and he found it to be the word of god. He said it scared him. But he didn't deny it. Later, after all the visits and lessons it went from the missionaries calling him all the time to him calling the missionaries all the time. He was then baptized. This was only a year ago. Then Elder Holland of the 12 gave a life changing talk to him. Is said EVERY worthy young man is Called by God to serve a mission. This struck him so hard that he told his girlfriend of 4 years that he wanted to go. He is 23 years old! He's now going to be one of the most effective missionaries because of his story. He still accidentally says cus words on the basketball court but we all just remind him who he is and just laugh about it. The WHOLE gym gets quiet haha. Anyways, speaking of the gym, me and my friend Elder Reynoso are the Volleyball KINGS. Bump... Set.. and everyone runs away hahaha. My friend Reynoso is the best setter so I just SLAM it. hahah, like my dad used slam dunk it on me when I was 5 years on playing basketball with him hahaha. Well I'm almost 100 pgs into Jesus the Christ and I feel like a genius haha. Its amazing. I'm also reading the New Testament with it. I''m trying to get through Isaiah as well. EVERYTHING is starting to make sense to me. EVERYTHING. The Book Of Mormon makes sense to me finally haha. I can tell it from the start to finish without breathing. It goes back and forth and back and forth going forward in time and back in time all over the place and I can finally understand it all haha.
 Love you!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Week 3

I can't believe it's been 3 weeks!!! Here's another letter from Elder Kapeliela. Please write him if you can, go to Dear Elder...address below.
----- So It's Tuesday and I just got back from the temple. It was very nice, the temple reminds me of the Seattle one but it doesn't have exalaters :( After the session we went and got breakfast and a nice Japanese Chef gave me waffles with a smilie face made from whipped cream and strawberries :)) So mom, the plane ride was good, I sat next to an elder Kimball and yes he is related to the prophet like my roomate and although he was off a bit he was really kind and intelligent. He knew a whole President Monson talk from memory and gave me the whole talk, it was really cool. After that we challenged each other to memorize a couple scriptures so we did that too. After that I passed out and woke up in Utah. When we landed we got picked up by a pissed off cab driver. He drove about 90 mph cussing and yelling at people and we got to the MTC in under 30 minutes. We were blessed that we didn't crash. Probably because there were 5 other elders with me.
I promise I'll have more to say when I'm in the Philippines. The last 2 districts just left haha they were all punks soo... phew. There are 79 more people coming within the next 2 weeks to our zone itself. It will be the biggest zone in the MTC haha. 2 kids from New Zealand and 1 from Australia. Theres been a huuuge rivalry from Aussies and Ameriacns in the leadership and I got to sign my name on this hand me down Milo can that says Leaders: Aussies vs AMericans haha. I'll show u a picture its hilarious. Its been a hand me down competition since like the 90s haha.
Recently I have been trying to study every oppurtunity I have. I have decided that there is just NOT enough time in a day to get what I want to accomplish done. I've been studying some Psalms, David is the only prophet that we know what kingdom he is going to after death. Poor David destroyed himself... It's really fun to read psalms. In fact I end up making my own songs out of the verses. In psalms the song Blessed be his name came from it (im already starting to ruin english sentance structure forgive me). All the Tagalog teachers here admit that you'll suck at english when you get back :( haha. I can't wait to go on a mission again when I'm older! The senior missionaries get NICE rooms to sleep in haha. I know because I have to clean them :/ haha.
 I got a cold the day after you sent me those cough drops. So way to go mom, you got those to me RIGHT on time. I also twisted my ankle :/ sorry dad, I played in running shoes. But a couple days later with icing and only doing crunches since I couldn't run my foot was fully healed. I dont know how but it was a miracle and I can run like an Ethiopian again. Speaking of Ethiopian the ONLY person to give me Olympic updates is Aroha, so step it up everyone!
The Maori kids name is Poe-Laulu, he was rude to me in the temple even!! I said mahal kita... thats it... hahaha. I want a scrap book! and I want candy! and I want letters! You can send me dear elders more than once a day ya know! You could send a, Good morning, or a have a nice lunch, or a study hard! They print them out at 4 so try and send before that if you want me to see it that day. and dad! great story! I loved that and will always remember that!)))) Bianca you'll get a letter on thursday k?! I promise, the mail takes FOREVER here, theres a new mail man apparently. I hope your ok. Read the book of mormon, its a book from Jesus Christ himself and its more than just a book, trust me. That book alone will make you want to become a better person.
Just keep sending dr elders everyone theyre sooo nice. I got 6 the other day from Aroha mom bryan joel and dad. Oh and Brady's step brother? He's really cool. Thank you everyone! Mahal Kita!!
It sucks to have to go but my time has expired. :/ I have to go do my laundry now :/  Love all of you! Ingat ka! Mahal kita!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2 weeks

This is not the field so there's really nothing to talk about except the temple this morning was awesome and the food after was the best food I've had in weeks. Sundays are my favorite day because I get to go to choir with all of my BYU-H friends. Then after that we get an awesome devotional and the speakers are ALWAYS good. The organists are also the best musicians EVER. They improvise everything it's awesome! I got to talk to him after! After devotional is movie night. We got to watch Testaments! It's such a good movie! Watch it!
So for personal study I read Jacob through Mormon. Those are my new favorite passsages. I strongly prefer for you to read them! They set up everything so nicely!
Hey dad, that mighty spirit finally hit me last Sunday! I knew exactly what you were talking about now!
So the temple here was pretty much exactly like the Seattle temple except there were no exalaters :( So we got a new teacher yesterday so that now we have 2 teachers for the day. He's a Filipino American and served in Manila. His name is brother Lacenienta. He's super funny and can relate to everyone. The other teacher is brother Mauzy and he always has a smile on his face. Oh and I'm ONLY allowed to speak my language so that's going well. I'm already saying anything I want without needing to read things. I'm the vocab game champion at the moment haha. and my pronunciation is PRIME thanks to my Hawaiian roots haha. Me and preach my gospel have had some fights and disagreements but we're finally starting to get along. Except yesterday we kinda got in a fight again. As district leader I challenged everyone to finish the book of Mormon and the Preach my gospel by the middle of August. I think we can do it! For Judy Swensen, my scriptures already look 10 years old! haha. Ya I know... Hey mom, I challenge YOU to finish the Book of Mormon in August too!! It was the most life changing experience I've ever had! Now I need to finish "Preach my Gospel". I'd rather have a book called "Ed Kapeliela's" teaching guide though.... Much rather... I gave a lesson on faith Sunday and it was POWERFUL since the topic was faith and I gave my farewell talk on faith. I had awesome experiences to share with everyone as well as Greg Laurie's awesome story. If you don't know what it is search "Greg Laurie He's still here" I think? This MTC is the best place on earth! Honestly though... EVERYONE needs to come through here. EVERYONE. It has changed my life sooo much and I don't know how I could have not gone on a mission. I've never wanted to do good more than anytime in my life. TO ALL, to be truly happy you need to focus entirely on someone else. Do not care about yourself or you'll be miserable. Just some more simple truths, "your body IS a temple". Its not a figure of speech, its not a joke, its TRUE doctrine. I think you all know what that means. All of these things have been on my mind lately. I'm not signaling out anyone, just speaking my mind since I have something to type on. Anyways I gotta go to take my P-day nap now! Love you all! See you in a week!
Mom, tell Kerri she's awesome! I will reply to her when I can! A sister Jordyan Wilkins says she heard of Laynie. Shes a sister in my district. Love you! Send me emails that I can reply to mommy! My times up : INGAT KA! MAHAL KITA!

2 weeks already!!?

2 weeks out!! It really seems like he has been out much longer!! He continues to grow and learn, and he's so happy and loving it there still!!!
I love that Elder!

Mom :-)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Here's my first email from Elder Kapeliela:
Sorry is took so long to get a computer! My P-Day is on Tuesdays. I hope you got my letter! No need to send me any cookies or cinnamon rolls anymore, our zone gets the most food out of allll the missions haha. When I got here around 10 am we automatically started class and didn't get to eat till 6. My roommate is Derek Woodruff and I swear he's gonna be the prophet one day, he is a saint! I love him! My room has 6 elders in it. Elders Mason Marshall, Edgar Reynoso, Nico Sanchez, Bundy, and the other 2 in the district are in a room with Germans, they are Elders Patrick and Pistorious. We are 3-0 in soccer and no one can touch us! I got a hat trick the first game! I always yell Viva la Reynoso cause he's a steller mexican soccer player and always kicks the ball of people and gets dream goals, although no one here is as good as Bryan there are some college players from Virginia and Utah that play. The gyms finally opened up again tomorrow so I can make my dad proud and dunk on everyone! haha, there are so many people here, about 2,400! Oh, and the sisters in my district are Sisters Tulikihihifo, Wilkins, Peckam, and Len Wai, shes from Molokai and can speak fluent Hawaiian! We dance and sing Hawaiian all the time! I struggled my first couple days with being away from everyone but I got over it finally after a blessing Elder Woodruff gave to me, and yes he is a direct descendant as the Prophet Wilford Woodruff. Expect some great pictures soon!

My second day here they called me as the district leader, its the hardest job in the MTC, sooo many meetings and responsibilities and people come to me for advice for once in my life haha. I have felt the blessing of leadership and have been given the gift of tongues for helping others with there problems as well as my Tagalog!

I can already pray and bear my testimony fluently! I have already become a better person, and will be a better father and husband because of this experience. There is not one person that I don't like! I try to get along with everyone! I've seen all my friends from college and its so dramatic when we see each other! It brings me back to Laie. Elder Takasaki and I watched Elder Bednars talk on how to recognize the spirit and it changed our lives!

Please send pictures of family, and anything else you want!

I hope EVERY knows about Dear Elder, if not, tell them mom. Letters make my day BRIGHTER THAN BRIGHT! Just anything, even a Hi and I will shout for joy!

So for the Hunger Games fans; I was walking down the hall and I started doing the Hunger game whistle and said "2 lucky contestants will be elected from the 13 districts for the 78th annual HUNGER GAMES!" And eeeeeveryone started dying! Like 50 people, funniest moment yet since the MTC is a district hahahaha, good times. I'm the only person going to Olongapo except 2 random kids from another area, they're cool though!

There are 3 elders here that I danced Hula with so we met up at the Book store and started doing and singing the dances, it was hilarious!! We had a crowd gathering and we're pretty much celebrates now.

Dad you were right, it is like EFY. I also didn't know girls would be in the same district, that was way different than expected. I honestly don't know why, after being here, that ALL girls don't go on a mission. It's weird to me.. The foods alright, my companions vegetarian haha. But I eat everything, I stayed 195 pounds though so I'm not worried yet, in fact its so hot I sweat all day!

My testimony has never been stronger and I love the book of mormon and I'm grateful to be a missionary. When ever I'm down I pray for the savior to take the pain away and every time I do I am blessed with peace and am happy to do my studying, I am literally studying for 14 hours and feel so blessed to be here.

I love you all! Mahal kita! Elder Kapeliela
Yesterday, 6 days from when Beau went into the MTC I got the first email and a letter!! It was like Christmas! I am so happy that he doing so well and getting enough to eat! He had a rough patch in the beginning, but worked it out. He is flourishing and has grown so much after only a week!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Write Beau!!

Beau's address until Sept. 17th is:

Elder Beau Solomon Kaanaana Kapeliela
Provo Missionary Training Center
MTC Box 104
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT  84604

Please drop him a letter!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

When Beau (Elder Kapeliela) was called back in February it seemed like this day would never come! Well it did! Last night he was set apart as a missionary and it felt like a warm blanket was wrapped around me! I am so grateful for a Heavenly Father who without asking knew I needed comfort because I certainly was on the verge of blubber out loud crying! When we woke up this morning (after less then 3 hours of sleep) I still felt the comfort and made it to the airport without falling apart! Of course I did cry, but it was controllable. It was so wonderful when we went and dropped off his luggage, the man behind the counter said, welcome Elder, where are you going? He said he was so sorry to have to charge for the bags, and said if it was up to him he wouldn't! Then walking to the gate a lady yelled out, "Where are you going Elder?" Then we got to the gate and saw a few more Elders and their families. One woman came up to me and said is this your first one you've sent out? I said yes. I asked her the same and she said she wasn't a member and it was her only one. She said he was baptized 2 years ago and wanted to go. The look on his face did look joyful, and happy. This mother seemed unsure about this, and in my non sleep fog, no wonderful, spiritual thing was coming to my mind but: "He is really doing a wonderful thing". She said : "I have heard that". As we stood there with tears in our eyes waiting til the last possible moment, until we couldn't see them anymore. I was so happy that my son was walking with her son and I saw them talking. As we were walking away I looked over at her and smiled, she smiled back. I hope and pray she finds comfort.

I still feel like I'm in a dream and I haven't woke up yet! Well, it's only the first day!

He is in the MTC (Mission Training Center) in Provo, Utah and will be leaving on Sept. 17th to Olongapo, Philippines. He will be learning to speak Tagalog.

I can hardly wait to get his first e-mail and find out how his first week will be!

Please follow this blog if you want to find out about Elder Kapeliela at the MTC and beyond! I will be posting his letters as well. I should be getting one a week.

Posted by the proud mom :-)