Thursday, April 17, 2014

Jan 12th Happy Birthday Mom!!

Jan 12
Maligayang bati! maligayang bati! Maligaya, maligaya, maligayang bati! I hope you had a great 33rd birthday! ;)

I had a great week! It was super windy due to the typhoon forming in the south and low pressure so I actually got cold for one of the first times in my mission, and for the 2nd time on my mission I didn't even use an electric fan (except for the black outs)! I looooove wind!

So last week started off really fun! On Wednesday we went to the mission home to sort out some donated care packages and met President Querido's brother and I got to see Presidents son again who recently graduated for BYU-H. We ate puting, which is a gravy cheese fries thing. It's a Canadian thing apparently (his brother lives in Canada). Then after we finished sorting things out President Querido worked with us at the family we are teaching and we gave a great lesson. President is coming with us again today to conduct this families first family home evening!

I went on exchanges twice last week. My first companion was Elder Mariner from Samoa. He's huge. He went to a gym and we wanted to share with them so we said if he can lift 170 kilos they have to listen so he did it ten times!!! The bar was bending like crazy too! hahaha. He's a BEAST. We had a great time and taught some GREAT lessons.

My second companion from exchanges was Elder Trias. He has actually been in 3 missions now. His first was South Africa (He is suuuper fluent in English) but because of some civil unrest got transferred to the Tacloban mission where he was assigned in the heart of Tacloban and after the storm got transferred here. He told me 2 hours of heart breaking, traumatic and inspiring stories of EVERYTHING that happened during the storm from start to finish. I can't even describe how blessed those missionaries are that they survived. He's a fun missionary to work with and we found some very ready people to teach to.

Wednesday is transfer day so stand-by a couple days and I'll tell you what happens!

Mahal ko kayong lahat!
Elder Kapeliela

Thursday, April 3, 2014

More pictures of the Philippines 1-5-14

1-5-14 Pictures


Here's some pictures for you!

The kids birthday was during the holiday season so they went all out with the food.

This is on top of a house in a cemetery (the one where I took a pic of the candles on Nov 1)

Elder Kapeliela

Manigong bagong taon! 1-5-2014

Happy new year!

This was by far the best new years I have ever had. Although last years was kind of fun (our neighbor was shooting his revolver in the air). But this year I was in Olongapo where people have enough money to buy fireworks. Literally, everyone bought the sickest, biggest, and most fireworks I have ever seen. Plus, EVERY single house was BLASTING the latest Beyonce, Katy Perry rap/hip hop songs that just came out literally straight into our windows until 2 am so We could not sleep very well and I can't say we didn't dance a little haha. All the members were feeding us like crazy. But on new years day we didn't go to one members house, we straight up tracked like boss's and invited like, 20 people to learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ! We ran into a ton of drunks haha. I'll send some pictures of my feasts. Last Saturday was really hard since we were fasting. We had to deny pineapple, spaghetti, and ice cream. The only hard part about that is that they get mad if you reject their food.

We had a super successful week with the work. The past hasn't been as successful because of the holiday season and a lot of the less actives and investigators went to other cities and stuff. But last Sunday we had a full Elders Quorum and full sacrament room! We also had 6 investigators, 4 of which were a family! They are progressing well!

I have never worked so hard I think in my whole mission than I did last week. We climbed waaay over 2000 stairs and contacted many souls. It feels great and you can feel that joy of being a missionary in your own lives over in the promised land (America). We cannot be exalted unless we share this gospel so share, share, share and get used to it. This is a good habit to obtain.

Elder Kapeliela