Here in the Philippines It's not called Easter, its called holy week. So the thing I've been trying to do is tell people instead to have a holy life instead of one week. In fact some people in my branch were making fun of the eggs that they saw decorated and I said everyone including me in America does that. I don't know why he was was saying stuff about that? haha.

We had 2 baptisms on Saturday. They also got confirmed yesterday. I really felt the spirit. Now I have to start interviewing bap candidates as a District leader...

Some guys walk around the street with their shirt off whipping their backs for many kilometers. They have gross scars on their backs. I was so cold this morning and it was 27 degrees c. Or 82 f haha. My companions paying for all the apartments and all the bills and stuff. Ya he became a great missionary. You usually have to be in the field a year. But I have a new calling here.

I didn't get transferred but I was called to be the District Leader. Oh ya, and I am training again. My new trainee is from Manila. I gave a sweet workshop the other day on a scripture in ALMA 36 that says the word of God is stronger than a sword and quoted verses from the Book of Mormon that told how strong a sword was. I showed a verse in Ether about how thousands were killed by the sword, and then in Nephi how the slaying off of Laban's head saved a nation. That was by the sword, so I proved the sword powerful, than I talked about the stripling warriors, the 3,000 getting baptized and pretty much all of 4th Nephi about the miracles. Than we did a workshop on how to resolve problems that people have, or solutions to problems that people have to why they cant make it to church. I am focusing on the lowest stats for my workshops. It was very powerful for the district I believe.

Please tell Kathy I got 2 packages!! They're AMAZING!! The nutella was destroyed haha, we ate that sooo fast. and the candy I of course give it out to the kids haha.

I have a new house mate from New Zealand named Elder Green, he's half Samoan. He has the Gladys Knight album. Please send that to me! haha.

I taught a lesson to a British guy the other day. After that lesson I felt true sorrow for the missionaries in England. His questions were crazy and he HATED Americans SOOOOO bad. He hated us. The first thing he said was, "Oh you lived in Hawaii? That North Korean presidents gonna blow you all to smithereens soon." I said we just laugh about it saying we keep a good attitude and he told me about his ENTIRE life story about when he was being bombed in England. It was like 30 minutes. I was so nice though, and I got to at least share the message of the restoration. His questions were amazing sometimes. Like, have you ever wondered if God had more than 5 senses? And he said when he was 13 he went and asked really who he was, and I related it to Joseph smith, but he didn't believe any thing. But the Book of Mormon caught his interest. I'm going to give him one in English (when I find one) and tell him by the fruits you will know the true prophets. He said he went to a 16,000 year old cave and said he had the most amazing life changing time of his life saying that we're babies considered to these people and he said the art was as intelligent as anything we could do now. He said Jesus Christ, being only 2,000 years old is a new person to the world too and that the people waaaay back in time are the people we ought to be focused on. To that, I say Jesus is Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the God of Adam, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and us. I'm also grateful for Christ's empty tomb and will do his work till I die.