We had our zone conference on Friday, last week. There were about 64 missionaries there! It was in a place called Santa Cruz. It was super hot in that chapel, The Elder (Elder Fonnsbeck) That drove us woke us up at 2:30 so we could get there on time. We were so mad at him because it only takes like 2 hours.... We were soooo early. We were all in and out of a dozing during the entire conference. That ruined it. I got to say goodbye to all the Elders that are going to the other mission called Urdineta. There are a couple people that I'm happy are sent to the other mission. :)
There hasn't been a flood yet, but I know they're on their way. I'm excited to be able to help people out during the floods and what ever else is needed! The last missionaries said they just saved people instead of work. The last guy assigned here is a Tongan from Australia and he's huge so he didn't have a problem walking around haha. Me either, so I can just walk around with out sinking because of my height.
Remember family, to stand ye in holy places and to not let yourselves vulnerable EVER. When the temptation comes, do as Joseph did and RUN from it as far away from it as possible. If trials come, endure the pain. Like the words of Mr. Cowan, my wrestling coach, "Pain is weakness leaving the body!" I agree with my wrestling coach, and I agree with the Apostle Paul who told us that he LOVES to suffer for the Lord. I'll tell you this right now that there is nothing as sweet as suffering for the Lord, and enduring through it ALL. Because the gift that we will receive is God's best.
Love you all!