Hey family!
It was an eventful week!
 I helped open the gates of our Fathers kingdom yesterday to 3 of my investigators (we have 5 more baptisms on August 17). It was a nice baptism. Carlo, the 19 year (birthday was on his bap.) old had a tough life and grew up with a mom (his dad left him when he was 3 and started a new family, he hasn't heard from him since) and 2 other siblings. His mom left him after a couple years to work in Saudi Arabia. Later in his life when he was about 15 his siblings left him too, and he stopped studying and tried to fend for himself. Last month we came to his door which was super far from everything (we had received a referral to go to him) and shared the gospel with him. His sister had recently came back from studying in another area (she is deaf and cant speak) So he has been taking care of her too)) and after our first lesson of the restoration to him he committed to baptism. We baptized him yesterday, along with two other converts. I can't wait for him to go into the temple next year!
I also got to witness a baptism in a fish pond in thunder and lightning! It was beautiful in the mountains far from ANYTHING. That was also yesterday by the neighboring Elders. I'll send pictures!
I sent y'all a letter last Tuesday!
While teaching a blind man the other day he told me he forgot he was blind during after the lesson because the spirit touched him so deep. He accepted getting baptized but is having a hard time trying to get to church.

We had 5 baptisms this month and 5 more next month so the work is good! I love this branch and I'll find out if I get transferred tomorrow.
I love you all so much! Thanks for everything!