It was a great conference right? Especially Elder Hollands talk for me. I got pierced in the heart by the spirit so many times at conference. I hope it also feels like that even after my mission. 63,000 missionaries!!! I'm glad to be apart of this. I don't know if I've told you but the top half of our missions being cut in half and its becoming the Urdaneta mission. I very well might be called there. It's bout my time to get transferred. That will be huge if I do though.

Someone earlier this week straight up told me that they believe in our church but that they don't want to leave the catholic church. They received an answer to their prayer and still won't even try to go to the Church of Jesus Christ. Why, why, why why they don't even care about their salvation! The Elders on the other side of the city in my house told me they had an investigator say "My head is to hard, there is no way that I will leave my church and I don't care if your church is true". I can't believe people sometimes. But I did their paper work and hopefully some missionaries in the future will want to go back and teach them. She has her time that she'll accept it.

I came to general conference with a question and almost every speaker touched upon it. I had two, one was about prayer and the other about family and man they destroyed the concepts of my questions into solid testimony building answers.

Went back to that British guy. Hes retarded still... He hates Americans so bad haha, I brought the New Zealand elder there as well. He was talking about WW2 and how the bibles false and about Martin Luther and stuff... Man its frustrating, but We did our part :)
9 months now!