Wednesday, June 26, 2013

5-26th Wicked woman......

Hello family! I actually have stuff to say to you this week! Our investigator Glenn just stopped drinking alcohol and smoking! And he passed his baptismal interview! His baptism is on the 1st of June! We also have 3 more later in the week! In my last area that I left, my 2 investigators just got baptized! So I'm super happy about that! They are the investigators I left when I got transferred. And 11 less actives went to church as well! The sacrament attendance went up an average of 20 since my last 4 weeks here, so I'm sooo excited to be able to help a ward. All you need is love!

I got to play an electric guitar the other day, man I still got it! Don't worry a minute! I can still shred and stuff! I still even have my bass riffs! Glad to hear mom is still singing. Man, I MISS JAZZZZZ. I was playing some jazz songs on the guitar, maaaan I miss Josh Kuras on guitar and all my prodigious friends of mine.

While I was walking on the road to an appointment, apparently this lady was driving her motorcycle screaming at me to get on the side of the road, but I swear I didn't hear her. Anyways, She ran over my foot on purpose and all the people with me saw it and were pissed at her. When she drove off she was laughing at me as I limped to the side of the road to rest. I bore a tear, not of pain, but because of her wickedness... I prayed hard for her and for me to not get angry, I had never prayed so hard for charity in my life. I really wanted to be able to love her and God gave me that love so when someone asked me if I was angry, I said no, I want to help her. That lady, although wicked, taught me a lesson of love in which I can honestly say I didn't get mad and I'm still not mad. Even right now my ankle aches but I can't do anything but smile because God is bound to bless me (us) when I (we) are obedient. And He has blessed me with happiness and with great work here in my area.
 Love you all! I need to write to President now! Bye!

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