Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Trainer of new missionaries after 4 months!

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Philippines, Olongapo Mission
Km. 140 National Highway, Mangan-Vaca
2209, Subic, Zambales

25 January 2013
Ms. Carole Kapeliela

Dear Sister Kapeliela,
I am very pleased to inform you that your son, Elder Beau Solomon Kaanaana Kapeliela has been called to serve as a trainer of new missionaries. Several factors are considered in the selection of a trainer, and your son satisfies them all. His new companion is Elder Tommy Dolleno.
Elder Kapeliela is an outstanding proselyting missionary. He follows the mission rules, and he has earned a well-deserved reputa­tion forhis obedience, work ethic, and ability to get along well with members, investigators, and his fellow missionaries. He also exemplifies Christ-like leadership among his peers.
As a trainer of a new missionary, he will work closely with his companion and be a mentor to him in all aspects of missionary work. With his quiet dignity, he will be a shining example to his companion and to others that he will come in contact with. His obedience and love for the work will be passed on to his companion and much success will come because of his lasting influence.
We are proud to have your son in our mission and we are excited to see his growth in fulfilling his responsibilities as a trainer.
PRBQ signature

Roberto Bayobo Querido
Philippines Olongapo Mission
Mission President

Tuesday, March 26, 2013



Jan 20

OK... that week was ridiculously fast right? Is it fast for you?? Honestly for me I still feel like I'm going home tomorrow, I don't know why. It's probably a feeling that Heavenly Father gave me so that I don't get homesick. I honestly don't feel far from you all, at all. Anyways, I had a good week. We had the Mission President interviews. And a cooking demo. It was awesome, we had sweet and sour chicken WOOOO! My interview with the President was so long, about 30 minutes haha, everyone else was like 10 haha. We just told stories!

I had 2 baptisms this week. 2 siblings of a less active member. Anyways, it was awesome, pretty much all the youth were there!

We ate chicken head the other day. Not a big fan of the brain. And it was really hard for me to find meat on it. The eyes weren't that bad though! I ate like 10 heads. I need like 50 to get full... I'm also really getting into mango's. They are ridiculously good, and they are free and on every tree around every corner! I bought 3 kilos the other day haha. FOR ONLY 2 dollars and 50 cents! 100 pesos! I ate them all...

Dad baptized 60 on his mission! WOO, I'm at 14 now and 17 on February 5th. But I had 21 less actives return! WoOO!!

I don't have much else to say! Tomorrow we know who gets transferred.

I went to the waterfalls here the other day! I'll send pictures! It was beautiful! Don't worry I didn't jump in! It was hoooot though!

Adios! Elder Kapeliela

Monday, March 18, 2013

4 months in the Philippines.


 Jan. 14th

Hi family!

Happy birthday to the best mom in the world who made me into the Missionary and Eagle Scout that I am (literally)! As I work here everyday seeing all sorts of families, inactive or active, or nonmembers, I think of how genius my mom was at raising me... Like seriously. I never had a Law of chastity problem or word of wisdom or anything major problem. Seriously, genius is the only word. and I know as sure as I'm going to breath in 2 seconds that my mom loves the HECK out of me, to the point wear I never feel alone even on this island. As I'm here doing the dishes and washing clothes everyday, and cleaning counters I can't say thank you enough to you for basically spoiling me and giving me the best and happiest childhood a child could EVER ask for. mahal kita nanay!

I hope you are all laughing everyday and enjoying life. Try raising your hands at your next Sunday School meeting and ask a funny but relevant question. For example a High Priest asked during a discussion about the importance of the law of chastity is even for adults, if it was a sin if it was a sin if a different woman even walked into the door. Than I asked if it was a sin if you even thought of a woman walking into your house. Man they were DYING laughing seriously haha. Just have fun, always in your Priesthood or Relief Society classes. Remember that it is wrong to be easily offended, so just have fun ask thought provoking, or funny relevant questions in your next class or discussion. I learned how to do it from the best. A legend actually. He served in the Spokane mission in 1979 haha. Anyways, you get the picture, don't ever let a class be boring if you have a hand and a Kapeliela/Rude thinker on ya.

I have 2 baptisms on Saturday and then 3 on Bianca's birthday! wow, I'm almost 20 hahahahahaha. But you all know I don't act it haha. Just kidding you don't know what I'm like, cause Ive been here 6 months!!! 6 now!!! WHOOOOAA!! 18 more!!!!!!!! 1/4 done! 3 more quarters left! HALF A YEAR!!!!! Transfers on Tuesday (next).


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Maligayan bagong taon!

Jan. 6th

Pretty good week this week. I ate a ton of food, seriously. We spent our New Years at a members house, they were from Manila and rented a house so we went there. The person there was an MTC worker and super cool. The culture here is pretty cool! They are good at fire dancing! But all the cultures in Mindanao.

We had 14 investigators in our ward this Sunday! The hard work payed off. We have positive baptisms this month and next month! We made an area with 0 active members into 20 active members! We've been having a lot of family home evenings, and they're way fun! I know SO many games now it's not even funny. I'm finally going to baptize a man! His name is Perfecto and he's 50, he quit drinking, smoking and tea and coffee!!!!! He''s awesome! His kids were baptized by me the last week. I sent you pictures. Our baptisms on February 5th in honor of Bianca's birthday, haha. 3 candidates. Ones name is Fe, another Jerusalem and Perfecto, awesome names right? We have 2 baptisms on the 19th of Jan, Ruby and Roy! We had 7 inactive people become active again too! It means they went to church 4 times in a row.

The way that they celebrate new years here, is they spend all their money on fireworks and just throw them on the street all day. They're WAY loud, kinda like m80s. 2 people died here from drinking. For there funeral, they walk on the highway with the dead and play depressing music all the way to the grave. That's how I want to go to the grave!

I went to the beach! I'll try and get pictures next week for you! No, I didn't go in the water or even close. It was EXACTLY like Hawaii but the mountains in the back ground were bigger! The beaches here are so beautiful! The waves were WEAK though... they were like Hukilau, about 3 to 4 ft shore break, but they were rideable I guess?

Thank you SOOOO much for the package!! I am going to eat ALL of this food!!! Thank you so much!!!!

Keep praying for me, Don't let up pleeeaase, I KNOW that your prayers are working!! Tell me some of your blessings since I've gone on my mission!

Dad, I just told Bianca since she went to a monster truck show that I've regretted leaving early for the past 10 years haha. We'll go again when I get back!

I miss you all and I'll try and get pics up next week!

Love you! Elder Kapeliela!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Happy New Year!!

Dec. 30

Don't go to crazy on New Years, I don't want to miss out on the fun!! The kids here are walking home sometimes with giant rockets in their backpacks, I'm starting to get concerned haha. These fireworks here are super loud. And there even lighting them off now. They're pretty crazy with fireworks here. New years will be interesting. No, we don't get any special privileges here on new years.

It was nice to see you guys! (Skype) Bianca's still the same, and that's a good thing haha. Mom and Dad look like they lost weight and even look younger haha.I feel bad for Bryan because I'm so mean now. The Filippino culture is just to make fun of people and laugh about it. To make fun of peoples weaknesses. I avoid making fun of peoples weaknesses though. For example they'll say, your super good at guitar and then they'll say, but your nose is too big, Stuff like that, they just make your weaknesses known all the time to lift themselves up haha but I'm used to it now. and I'm learning patience. If you call someone stupid, it's the end of the world, and they'll hate you for a LOONG time. They hold grudges better than women! I don't get it. I'm also gonna need another manners lesson when I get home because there are absolutely NO manners here. They chew with their mouth open. I still get angry inside when they chew louder than a pig. I'm getting mad just thinking about it haha. You know what I'm talking about Bianca. Imagine everyone eating apples like a 4 year old with a man sized body. Are you angry? hahahaha.

The work here is amazing. I just had 4 baptisms and have 4 more set for the next few months (If I don't get transferred). The people are going to church! We have about 100 people at church as an average and before it was much less.

What ever you are all saying in your prayers is working because there has been NO problems in the house since! With the bad spirits or any of the missionaries in the house (there are 4 of us in there) and especially my companion, its all 100% better and I guess I could say I'm super happy now!

Thank you all so much! The work is true, the church is true, and the Master leads this church and resides in the temples leading this church at this very moment through miracles and the simple essence of the Holy Ghost that brings us our happiness, safety, and peace everyday.

Elder Kapeliela