Wednesday, June 26, 2013

5-26th Wicked woman......

Hello family! I actually have stuff to say to you this week! Our investigator Glenn just stopped drinking alcohol and smoking! And he passed his baptismal interview! His baptism is on the 1st of June! We also have 3 more later in the week! In my last area that I left, my 2 investigators just got baptized! So I'm super happy about that! They are the investigators I left when I got transferred. And 11 less actives went to church as well! The sacrament attendance went up an average of 20 since my last 4 weeks here, so I'm sooo excited to be able to help a ward. All you need is love!

I got to play an electric guitar the other day, man I still got it! Don't worry a minute! I can still shred and stuff! I still even have my bass riffs! Glad to hear mom is still singing. Man, I MISS JAZZZZZ. I was playing some jazz songs on the guitar, maaaan I miss Josh Kuras on guitar and all my prodigious friends of mine.

While I was walking on the road to an appointment, apparently this lady was driving her motorcycle screaming at me to get on the side of the road, but I swear I didn't hear her. Anyways, She ran over my foot on purpose and all the people with me saw it and were pissed at her. When she drove off she was laughing at me as I limped to the side of the road to rest. I bore a tear, not of pain, but because of her wickedness... I prayed hard for her and for me to not get angry, I had never prayed so hard for charity in my life. I really wanted to be able to love her and God gave me that love so when someone asked me if I was angry, I said no, I want to help her. That lady, although wicked, taught me a lesson of love in which I can honestly say I didn't get mad and I'm still not mad. Even right now my ankle aches but I can't do anything but smile because God is bound to bless me (us) when I (we) are obedient. And He has blessed me with happiness and with great work here in my area.
 Love you all! I need to write to President now! Bye!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

5-19 Hello!

We had our zone conference on Friday, last week. There were about 64 missionaries there! It was in a place called Santa Cruz. It was super hot in that chapel, The Elder (Elder Fonnsbeck) That drove us woke us up at 2:30 so we could get there on time. We were so mad at him because it only takes like 2 hours.... We were soooo early. We were all in and out of a dozing during the entire conference. That ruined it. I got to say goodbye to all the Elders that are going to the other mission called Urdineta. There are a couple people that I'm happy are sent to the other mission. :)
There hasn't been a flood yet, but I know they're on their way. I'm excited to be able to help people out during the floods and what ever else is needed! The last missionaries said they just saved people instead of work. The last guy assigned here is a Tongan from Australia and he's huge so he didn't have a problem walking around haha. Me either, so I can just walk around with out sinking because of my height.
Remember family, to stand ye in holy places and to not let yourselves vulnerable EVER. When the temptation comes, do as Joseph did and RUN from it as far away from it as possible. If trials come, endure the pain. Like the words of Mr. Cowan, my wrestling coach, "Pain is weakness leaving the body!" I agree with my wrestling coach, and I agree with the Apostle Paul who told us that he LOVES to suffer for the Lord. I'll tell you this right now that there is nothing as sweet as suffering for the Lord, and enduring through it ALL. Because the gift that we will receive is God's best.
Love you all!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Assigned to new area 5-7

A letter from his mission president.

Philippine Olongapo Mission
Km. 140 National Highway, Manga-Vaca
2209 Subic Zambales

07 May 2013
Ms. Carole Sue Kapeliela
United States
Dear Sister Kapeliela,
I am very pleased to inform you that your son, Elder Beau Solomon Kaanaana Kapeliela has been assigned to a new area. His new area will be in the Botolan Area, which belongs to the Botolan District where he will continue to be a district leader, Iba Zone, and he will be serving with his companion Elder Jolymar Urcia who is also an outstanding missionary. You can be assured that your son will be in good hands and will learn much from his companion. We express our confidence that the two of them will enjoy the companionship of each other and will support each other as they prayerfully strive to do the Lord’s work. We encourage you to be a part of his missionary effort by praying always for their success.
Botolan is a wonderful place, the people are loving and kind, and you will also find the people to be hospitable and teachable. The members are supportive with regards to missionary work and they are always excited to work with the Missionaries and involve themselves to the work.
We encourage you to write your son each week and please include encouraging news of family events, achievements, spiritual experiences and other matters which will bring joy and deeper commitment. We also encourage you to be a part of your son’s missionary service by writing to your son’s investigators and new converts, and express your love and your testimony of the Gospel.
Elder Kapeliela is a great missionary.  He does what is expected of him as a full-time missionary.  You can be very pleased with your son. We thank you for raising a wonderful son and we appreciate the opportunity to work with him. We assure you that we will do all we can do to see that he will have a fulfilling mission. We love your missionary and want this mission to be the greatest experience for him and for your family.  May God bless you always.
Roberto Bayobo Querido
Philippines Olongapo Mission                                                    
Mission President

Monday, June 17, 2013

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! Sunday, May 12th

I won't say much because we just talked, but I forgot to tell you about these elections, they're crazy here. They have super loud jeep vehicles driving 24/7 blasting songs that they wrote for the candidate. Its annoying sometimes but I'm used to it. They all buy their elections and give money out to people so that they vote for them, and sometimes they give candy out so that's always awesome haha.

I miss you all, don't get too old on me and always workout so you can see my kids kids kids. 

Next 6 months when I Skype you, have questions written down!

Why do you think the Miami's going to win? 

No pictures yet, man I biked in the craziest lightning storm. We have one investigator that will be baptized, he smoked and drank my first day here but now we go to him everyday so that he hopefully won't, so he hasn't yet and he went to church Sunday! 

I am an exact obedient missionary and happy here so thanks for all your prayers I feel them! I'm assigned in Botolan Zambales if you want to search on google maps! I am happy to be a district leader here in this growing branch and to be a pioneer in this future ward.

Love ya all!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

5-5 Pictures


The pictures he sent with his letter.

May 5th I WORK OUT!!

Hello family!

Another week in the mission. I've really been improving with my people skills. I had to develop people skills again because of the culture. Man its sooo different. 

These pictures are all in Reserva, or in English Reserve because its SOOO far away. We bike there 3 times a week. These kids are both in part member families and are such brats haha. The river in that picture is used to bathe giant water buffalo and kids sometimes swim in it. Then the last picture was when we went tracking in the jungle. This is my favorite area. Its where are the native Filipinos live.

I don't get to call on Mothers Day, but the Monday on the 13th. DAD, go to my house so that I can talk to you too! I can only call one time! Bianca too! Even Bryan but he's in Oregon. 

Its becoming rainy season but still way hot. 

I finally can convert C to F without thinking! Its an average of 18 degrees here which is 100 f. It's humid too!! Sometimes it gets up to 106 and I walk in it. I apply sunscreen don't worry. It was HARD to fast 24 without water haha. Especially after biking 20 miles and it being 102 degrees haha. I sang in sacrament meeting! Twice now with the guy from New Zealand. It sounded nice.

ITS HOOTTTT!! I'm so used to it though, I barely sweat in it. And I really don't mind. I drink about 1 to 2 leters everyday before I leave the house, drink more in work, and when I get home and take calcium and multivitamins. Every once and a while Emergency. I also jump rope EVERYDAY and do stretchy band work outs abs and push ups. We wake up at 6:15am every morning to get a head start and play basketball as well every morning. 

Besides me trying to stay in shape my spirit is also in shape. I am in Helaman now in the BOM, make sure you all read EVERYDAY..

Love you all!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Random pictures that he sent 4-28

 A store? LOL
A creek, I believe.

Even more pictures 4-28

This is for all the hood rats out there.

He hasn't lost his sense of humor!! LOL

More pictures 4-28

 Even the Filipinos wear hats like that... its annoying. (Loose)

The fruit I ate was suuuper sour, you wouldn't believe it

Pictures 4-28

 Roomies! LOL
Name tags

April 28th Kumusta na koyo?

Hello family, everyone sa, Kumusta ka na. Koo-moo-stuh kuh nuh. Alright now your better at Tagalog than all the new missionaries haha. I went to the mission home on Friday and got to meet the biggest batch of new missionaries the mission has ever seen. 17 new! Sooo many seriously.. I'll try and find the picture! It was funny hearing them speak Tagalog. I don't remember not being able to talk Tagalog well, haha.

One of the Elders in our house, Elder Dolleno broke the sink upstairs because he tried to stand on it to take a picture of something outside the window. The windows tall, so he decided to stand on the sink? ok.. haha, 1000 pesos... I'm not paying.

Me and the other elder, Elder Green went on the roof to watch a giant thunderstorm! It was way fun, but so sketchy to get on the roof haha. It was super awesome and we found somethings we were missing on the roof somehow. Anyways, the lightning storm started getting a little too close so we went back inside so our aluminum roof wouldn't get electrified with us on it hehe, just kidding, it was just cloud lightning, but it started raining. Its turning into rainy season I LOVE it. 

I saw a picture of my self on presidents Facebook page, haha, he showed it to me, I'm on my bike. Add him on Facebook! 

We found and are teaching a huge family now! Its so awesome, I hope they get converted!

I weigh 215 pounds, I have been dieting for 4 days now haha. Don't worry, I always keep your wisdom in mind. I just don't eat as much rice. That's my diet.

The elections here are crazy. Its like a terrorist country with all the jeep like cars driving around with huge speakers promoting the candidate for a certain position in the government. Its crazy how its legal... Haha.
Elder Green and I sang "Come, Come Ye Saints" on Sunday. Along with that and great talks, it was a powerful meeting where the spirit was present in its brilliance. I was thankful that our branch president was so receptive to that spirit and bore witness of it at the end.

We'll know next Tuesday if I get sent to the Urdeneta mission... I would mind I guess. It would be fun to help establish a new mission.

The first picture are my baptisms. The little girls mom is now who we teach and her baptismal interview is on Sunday! After the baptism we started to teach her. She's awesome! She's so excited to get baptized! Next, we have to talk to her husband, but he's been working in Manila for a month...

The next picture are all the Elders in my house. The tall one is the one from New Zealand that plans to go to BYU. This was at 5 pm during the "early dinner" (5-6pm) hour. No missionaries ever use that hour to  go home and cook but us haha, we have an inside joke about it haha. 

The last picture is just funny to me, because all those scratches and fadings on my tag have stories and good memories.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

April 21st Zombie Dogs

Hello my family,

I have been doing quite great.. Bianca reminded me of the war that I am in with dogs. Or in other words Zombie dogs... The dogs here have rotten bodies and messed up faces and stuff. They also have their own lives and no owners most of the time. I say their zombies because they chase the CRAP OUT OF YOU. They bark like CRAZY and make wild beast noises, it's crazy. Not only that, but they bite like crazy! The other Elder in my branch got bit yesterday! Anyways, I had to kick a dog the other day because it was soooo close to biting me. OH MY GOSH It was seriously nuts. But yeah, there are dogs like that everywhere.
My work was good, I changed the entire area because I had revelation. So this week we had 23 lessons to investigators with a member present, 14 new investigators and talked and invited 63 people to take the lessons. We killed it this week!!!
The work is still going as it always will! I get to go to the mission home on Friday and see all my best friends and all the new missionaries again! And my first child, Elder Godinez!
I love you all! Thanks for the prayers! I went on splits with the zone leader... it was fun... I don't know what else to say.
I feel so bad about the Boston thing...
I haven't written anyone yet because of the crazy price of stamps. But after May 7th I should be able to again!
Love you all!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

April 14th, 9 months!

It was a great conference right? Especially Elder Hollands talk for me. I got pierced in the heart by the spirit so many times at conference. I hope it also feels like that even after my mission. 63,000 missionaries!!! I'm glad to be apart of this. I don't know if I've told you but the top half of our missions being cut in half and its becoming the Urdaneta mission. I very well might be called there. It's bout my time to get transferred. That will be huge if I do though.

Someone earlier this week straight up told me that they believe in our church but that they don't want to leave the catholic church. They received an answer to their prayer and still won't even try to go to the Church of Jesus Christ. Why, why, why why they don't even care about their salvation! The Elders on the other side of the city in my house told me they had an investigator say "My head is to hard, there is no way that I will leave my church and I don't care if your church is true". I can't believe people sometimes. But I did their paper work and hopefully some missionaries in the future will want to go back and teach them. She has her time that she'll accept it.

I came to general conference with a question and almost every speaker touched upon it. I had two, one was about prayer and the other about family and man they destroyed the concepts of my questions into solid testimony building answers.

Went back to that British guy. Hes retarded still... He hates Americans so bad haha, I brought the New Zealand elder there as well. He was talking about WW2 and how the bibles false and about Martin Luther and stuff... Man its frustrating, but We did our part :)
9 months now!

Monday, June 3, 2013

April 7th

Nothing really happened family. But I guess some did. My companion is waaaay awesome and so funny. He doesn't speak any English really. Elder Martos is his name, he's from Quezon city. He's a great missionary. I'll get a picture for you next week. This computer is sooo slow.

A couple investigators got answers to their prayer to know if the Book of Mormon is true! They know its true but the only problem is they still don't think church is important!! AHH!!! Its the hardest part really. They know that the book is true and all it does is testify that works is faith and that wickedness was never happiness. Haha, pray for my work please. I had 2 baptisms last week...

It has been sooo hard getting rejected this past week... When you know something's true and they reject it, man its so hard. My testimony keeps growing like a fire, and I am always so happy. I'm going to miss this so much, dancing to "Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree", singing like Beyonce to church songs with New Zealanders, and inventing the craziest games and foods. Man I've still got my imagination that I had at the blue house playing in that tree or mini forest or with hot wheels for 5 hours, not once bored. I guess that's one of my gifts. I can't get bored... I can bike for hours to without even thinking about biking once. I biked up an entire mountain without using my hands hahahaha, I've been biking that mountain for 5 months now my legs are sexier than Arnold Schwarzenegger , and greg W ;) haahahaha. Thanks for all your prayers. I hope you write a little about general conference next week, I sure will. Man general conference is so fun, missionaries shouldn't be allowed to watch it, haha.

Love you all!