Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dec 2 cont.....

Friday was a community fiesta so a parade walked through our little street. Our street is called Taglish-ville haha. They were really talented too... the brass and drumming...

That picture of the dance competition was on the day of the fiesta on Friday. EVERYONE said, come eat! Come eat! I said yes every time... I was full on Saturday after that. It was awesome! It's a community smaller than University Place and they had a GIANT random dance competition RIGHT outside of our house! Bianca would LOVE it here, all the dancers are supper swagged out of the womb and everyone can dance. And everyone DOES dance. The Filipinos LOVE my dancing hahaha. But ya, the dancing was really good. It made me laugh haha.

My teaching skills have been improving a lot, I mean ALOT, we're really getting some meaty lessons going here! Its awesome! We have baptisms on Dec 29th and January. Close to Christmas!

MAN these weeks are going by fast! RIGHT? I hope you all get my letters soon, I sent a ton.

My personal letters are really long haha. Thanks for all the emails! I loved them all! Seriously!

Mahal ko kayo!

Dec 2

 Elder Bednar came to Olongapo and talked right before I got here, and then talked at the MTC right after I got here.... sucks, but anyways, one of the missionaries apparently asked Elder Bednar after one of his talks, (because he lets missionaries talk to him) and shakes his hand, "Why don't you and the apostles have beards like Jesus did?" Elder Bednars response, "Because the first time I saw Jesus Christ, he didn't have a beard".

That reminded me of that dream I had a while ago where I was in heaven and a man in all white with no beard told me I made it into the kingdom, maybe that man wasn't just any man, or any Angel. I remember the real feelings of heaven I felt in that dream and telling you right away. Now that I know Jesus doesn't have a beard, maybe that was him. Anyways, I'm not letting that get me lazy! Crazy huh?

My companion had a dream that a spirit was coming up to him and he remembered reading D&C 119ish which states what to do if you see an angel or spirit: to identify it. It says in the scripture to shake their hand to know if it's a resurrected Angel or demon disguised. So he reached his hand out and asked, how can I help you? No reply from the Angel, and he asked what's your name? (He said the face had no features but that she was a girl and had hair, and was faintly smiling, but there was still no features) the spirit said Elena. When he woke up he wrote it all down and emailed his mom what happened and guessed what the name was because he had no idea who Elena was. So the next week his mom replied and said," Elena is your great great great great grandmother and we finished the temple work for her yesterday". So sometimes we have other ways other than Prophets where our ancestors are begging us to do their work. But remember you have to be worthy for a dream like that.

Cool stories huh? Pretty crazy, but its just the beginning. I have more to share later, I know that Jesus Christ knows I know him.

Elder Kapeliela

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nov 25th

I had two baptisms on Friday! It was really fun. The power kept going out this entire week. But it always comes back on. We had a lot of success this week with finding. We've been blessed. I got that dance DOWN. The Gangnam style? If you wanna learn how to do it, learn from a Filipino.

It was the primary program. It was pretty funny, man, the kids have SWAG here. even the little kids! They have REALLY good flow in their dancing haha. They had a little dance in the primary program. There was a kid that wouldn't stand up, so his dad went and picked him up so he'd stand haha.

 The dialects aren't to bad, they speak Tagalog for me of course haha. I went to a house for lunch on thanksgiving, but no, the mission does nothing for you on thanksgiving. I probably had the same dessert! Its kinda like rice cake ya?

The only time we get to go to tourist spots is if the zone completes their goal for the month. and I don't think the zone did again this month :( I've always fulfilled and exceeded the goals :( oh well! Later on I might not be so successful so I'm patient! On pday we always dress up in public, so I'm always dressed up and dressed up now. we just go to Balanga City, eat, email, shop and go home, then work, that's our pday, haha.

We had something called zone conference where all the missionaries in 3 zones meet. It was awesome, I met a ton of missionaries. The numbers here are doubling from 100 to 190 by next year!!

 I miss you all! Wish I was there for thanksgiving! I weigh 196 and I am hungry now, so I'm going to go now! Love yall!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Nov 18

Kumuzta Kayo???? I miss you all so much! Thanks to everyone that contributed to my box! I'm super excited to get it! I appreciate every email and every Dr Elder and every letter so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!

This week was great. It went by really fast though. I improved a lot in understanding Tagalog this week. I can honestly say that just about every lesson this past week was a conversion. The spirit is so strong in every lesson that when we commit people, they except. When someone accepts a commitment it's a promise to change. It's a way of repenting and changing your life. We have an investigator who asked us how to become a member. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! They asked the PERFECT question haha. By the end of the lesson she had a baptismal date! It was a cousin of the Relief society president who passed away. An inactive member became born again and through the spirit brought her back to the true church! She always knew it was the true church.

I bought some bell bottom slacks today. I hope I'm making my dad proud. I seriously ROCK them.

Well I sent a ton of letters off! I hope you like them!

2 of our investigators passed their baptismal interview! 4 less actives returned this Sunday too! How is this happening?!?! Easy. Because when you do what is right, the lord is bound to bless you. I know this is true. So be righteous in your lives so that he will bless you. If you hope that he will bless you because of your righteousness, he will.

Have hope!

Ingat kayo!
Elder Kapeliela