Friday, May 31, 2013

Happy Easter! March 31st

Here in the Philippines It's not called Easter, its called holy week. So the thing I've been trying to do is tell people instead to have a holy life instead of one week. In fact some people in my branch were making fun of the eggs that they saw decorated and I said everyone including me in America does that. I don't know why he was was saying stuff about that? haha.

We had 2 baptisms on Saturday. They also got confirmed yesterday. I really felt the spirit. Now I have to start interviewing bap candidates as a District leader...

Some guys walk around the street with their shirt off whipping their backs for many kilometers. They have gross scars on their backs. I was so cold this morning and it was 27 degrees c. Or 82 f haha. My companions paying for all the apartments and all the bills and stuff. Ya he became a great missionary. You usually have to be in the field a year. But I have a new calling here.

I didn't get transferred but I was called to be the District Leader. Oh ya, and I am training again. My new trainee is from Manila. I gave a sweet workshop the other day on a scripture in ALMA 36 that says the word of God is stronger than a sword and quoted verses from the Book of Mormon that told how strong a sword was. I showed a verse in Ether about how thousands were killed by the sword, and then in Nephi how the slaying off of Laban's head saved a nation. That was by the sword, so I proved the sword powerful, than I talked about the stripling warriors, the 3,000 getting baptized and pretty much all of 4th Nephi about the miracles. Than we did a workshop on how to resolve problems that people have, or solutions to problems that people have to why they cant make it to church. I am focusing on the lowest stats for my workshops. It was very powerful for the district I believe.

Please tell Kathy I got 2 packages!! They're AMAZING!! The nutella was destroyed haha, we ate that sooo fast. and the candy I of course give it out to the kids haha.

I have a new house mate from New Zealand named Elder Green, he's half Samoan. He has the Gladys Knight album. Please send that to me! haha.

I taught a lesson to a British guy the other day. After that lesson I felt true sorrow for the missionaries in England. His questions were crazy and he HATED Americans SOOOOO bad. He hated us. The first thing he said was, "Oh you lived in Hawaii? That North Korean presidents gonna blow you all to smithereens soon." I said we just laugh about it saying we keep a good attitude and he told me about his ENTIRE life story about when he was being bombed in England. It was like 30 minutes. I was so nice though, and I got to at least share the message of the restoration. His questions were amazing sometimes. Like, have you ever wondered if God had more than 5 senses? And he said when he was 13 he went and asked really who he was, and I related it to Joseph smith, but he didn't believe any thing. But the Book of Mormon caught his interest. I'm going to give him one in English (when I find one) and tell him by the fruits you will know the true prophets. He said he went to a 16,000 year old cave and said he had the most amazing life changing time of his life saying that we're babies considered to these people and he said the art was as intelligent as anything we could do now. He said Jesus Christ, being only 2,000 years old is a new person to the world too and that the people waaaay back in time are the people we ought to be focused on. To that, I say Jesus is Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the God of Adam, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and us. I'm also grateful for Christ's empty tomb and will do his work till I die.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Transfer week!!! March 24th

Well, my companion got transferred to the mission offices. It's at the mission home and he gets a car and air conditioner and the mission home.... and mission home food... I'm so jealous... seriously... This whole week I was getting my companion ready to lead the area but nope, he's at the mission home now. But I guess that's cool that he got to be that good of a missionary to become a mission office worker! He'll do great I know that! So this means that I won't be transferred. I was really kinda bummed about it, but that's okay. I'll get to see my baptisms at least! And maybe I'll get some more ghost stories at this house. I really have no idea what's gonna happen to me but I'm kinda excited. 

Me and Elder Orndorff from Washington went on exchanges. We taught a lesson introducing the Book of Mormon on top of a mountain during a huge thunderstorm. We seriously had to hike up there. We were soaking wet. But that day we taught 8 lessons which is pretty good. Rain can't stop us Washingtonians. All the Filipinos don't go out if its raining, or if its super hot haha. They were like, "What are you doing elders! It's raining!" Is rain gonna stop the work? Ya right. These two 12 and 13 year old members worked with us the entire time. They are so hardworking. I guess I'll still be biking... oh well.

We had our district conference yesterday. An area 70 came, he was super funny and he chastised people that they work and do other things rather than go to the church meetings. It was exactly what I wanted to say to people. I sang in the choir as well. And no I didn't practice haha. We sang "Armies of Helaman" which was alright but than we sang "Love at Home" in Tagalog. That sounded SOOOO good. I swear that the angels in heaven sing in Tagalog because I thought I was in a choir of angels beside me. Anyways, It was fun seeing all the missionaries. I guess I'll be here for mango season though! They're way good. Love y'all.
How are things going over there?

-Elder Kapeliela

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

March 17th

Again, this week was insanely fast. Is it fast for you guys?? Its already Monday again... It's my companions birthday today so we're going to have an FHE on the beach. It's my 8 month mark today. I left July 18th, 2012 and its 4 months away till my year mark... That is craaaazy. I can understand Tagalog now so clearly its awesome. I'm also really good at speaking Zambal which is the language of the natives here. I've baptized quite a few natives now. MY stats were pretty good this week. I remember we only had 4 new investigators on Saturday and while riding home a bit discouraged I cried to the Lord for help in new investigators because my goal was 10 for the week, and RIGHT after I said that 6 teenagers yelled saying Elders! So we went to them and saw that there was one member with them. We taught them about the restoration on the side of the street and they came to church yesterday! The lord definitely provides. Then on Sunday we had family home evening at 7 and before we went, at 5 we decided to go into the mountains and follow-up an "Invite to learn" that we obtained while talking to a tricycle driver about our message. We got there and got 7 new investigators. So this week we got 16 new investigators. The LORD is providing for us.

It's the hottest time of the year now in the Philippines in the hottest place in the whole Philippines... But the mango's are good. And its not super bad because we bike everywhere. It kinda cools you off when it's super hot. I also have a new helmet that makes me look like a power ranger apparently. So I do the whole power ranger show for them haha. Kids are so great here.

Transfers are next week, so this is probably my last week here. We'll see next Monday. I'd like to say I helped this area progress. I know I have done my best and that the numbers are way higher now! It all goes down to the Book of Mormon. Hopefully you all read every day. I sure do, and tell everyone else too. Read everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love ya!

Monday, May 13, 2013

March 11th

I had a good week, and it came from my hard-work. I worked insanely hard. We biked like 15 miles everyday haha. Mountains too. We are killing it. 12 new investigators, 15 last week, 11 investigators at sacrament, 142 people went to church, last Sunday was 94. That's the highest attendance in a couple of years.

Stats are good, but the weeks are going by insanely fast! It finally rained today! And I found a white hair on my head. Like white. So dad, I'm catching up to you! I haven't been transferred! and I'm still training here in Cabangan.

We did a service project this morning. I got to machete down bamboo for a wedding. That was awesome. Filipinos don't usually let people serve them so that was literally my first service project in the Philippines.

A very crucial part of missionary work is prayer, and most importantly praying to have questions answered. Questions like is the Book of Mormon true, or what church should I join, or is this church true. This last Tuesday we had the most spiritual lesson about the Book of Mormon I have ever seen or been a part of. I talked with the gift of tongues with the most pure accent I've ever spake and I was directed by the spirit, I bare witness. At the end of the lesson while I was praying I asked our Father in heaven if the Book of Mormon was true with our investigator at the end of the lesson and a millisecond after I asked the holy ghost filled my whole body. I can honestly say I felt every feeling described in Galatians 5:22-23, and when the prayer was over our investigator was crying and was full of the spirit, she knows it was true. When someone came to shop at her store she told them to go to the store next door without taking her eyes off ours. This is my new testimony of the spirit, and the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. By the fruits of the prophets we can Identify the truthfulness, the Book of Mormon is that fruit, and Its true. I know that Joseph Smith is a true Prophet as well as I will know when I see him in the afterlife. I also know that this is the true church preparatory for the 2nd coming of the Savior. It comes swiftly, and like a theif in the night. So get ready and abound in good works and listen to the advice of the Prophets. Because this church is true.

Love you all!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

3 week transfer March 3rd

Hello, I'm just gonna say the first thing that comes to my mind. Okay my work, it was a good week and we got a lot done. We had 7 investigators at church and 19 lessons with a member present 35 in all. We got 2 more baptismal goal dates and 15 new investigators. The sacrament attendance went up to 113 as well. We were on the move none stop. Our investigators are seriously SOOO far away and we have to bike so I don't think those numbers can go much higher unless we bike faster haha. Anyways, It was a very successful week and I'm thankful for it.

One of my investigators got an answer to his prayer the other day. He said while he was waking up from a nap at his work, an American told him that there was a bible in America and that God loves all his children. He said he didn't think God would answer his prayer that way. But that was an interesting way I must say. He has a lot of problems before he can become a member but I know he can resolve them. He has 3 kids and isn't married, he drinks, and he smokes. But I know he'll stop. He has an answer. Man investigators seem to be getting harder and harder, but God is giving them testimonies. Whats your say on him?

Man, its soooo much easier to fast when you start at 2 until 2. 6 until 6 is like impossible. I was so receptive during that 24 hours of fast. I felt the spirit really strong in all places.

Keep working with the missionaries and give them referrals so they have something to do besides give hand out cards at Safeway haha.

I'm doing a 100 day Book of Mormon challenge. I'm still up to date. Try it with me!

Love you all!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Aloha!! Feb 24th


I miss you all so much still! It's been really hot here, but it rained 2 times this week which felt really good. We had a couple brown outs too. There was an earthquake yesterday during my lesson. I'm not gonna call it a coincidence either. This week was filled with activity. My birthday, zone conference, and the follow-up training at the mission home. Pretty much I ate extremely well.

The couple missionaries here are seriously, EXTREMELY good missionaries and have strong testimonies.. They are so powerful. They all have their talents. One yells at us, but he's so true and so powerful, another just has the speech of angel and another is way smart. They make this mission soo awesome.

I really don't have much to say because there wasn't the normal amount of work because of all the activities. But I did have an awesome Sunday.

That's the day that there was an earthquake during my lesson. The day started off well. One of the couple missionaries came to our ward which was a lot of fun. My investigators from the mountains came as well. As well as my Other investigator that is converting from the most prestigious church here. I also had an especially good experience during sacrament meeting. After I partook of the water I felt the spirit flow through me. I knew it was true, and confirming the truthfulness I heard two female voices singing beautiful praises. I looked all around the room and no one was singing. I then realized that the voices in perfect harmony were not of this world. I soon discovered that it was angels. I asked everyone later if they heard it. I was surprised when they said no. To this day, I am the only one that heard it. I don't like that I can't have someone to share this experience with. But hopefully my investigators are at least touched by the sacrament of the blood and body of Christ.

I love you all! I'm thankful for all you, and talk so much of you all.

In tagalog Feb 24th


Magandang umaga po president Querido.

Napakabuti po ang Linggo ko. dumating po ang mga Senior missionaries sa branch namin. at mga investigators po namin galing sa mga bundok ay dumating pati na rin. At Saka Iba pang mga investigator naming na cinoconvert mula sa pinaka-malaking simbahan ay dumating sa kapiliya. May isang mahusay na karanasan po ako sa panahon ng sakramentong miting. Pagkatapos nagpartook po ako ng tubig, nadama ko po ang daloy ng espiritu sa pamamagitan ko. Alam ko po na ito ay totoo, at kinukumpirma ang katapatan nang Narinig ko ang mga boces ng awit na magagandang praises. Tiningnan ko sa buong kwarto at walang isa ay awit. Pagkatapos na na-realized ko po na ang mga boces sa perpektong harmony ay hindi sa mundong ito. Na-discovered ko po, na ito ang mga anghel. Tinanong ko po sa lahat noon kung narinig nila siya. Nagulat po ako pag sinabi nila na wala silang narinig. Sa araw na ito, Ako ay nagisa na narinig ito. Bali sana ang mga investigators ko ay hindi makakakalimutan ng katotohanan ng bati ng sakramento ng dugo at katawan ni Jesucristo.
Ewan ko po kung bakit ang baba ng goal namin huling lingo, pero iba ang stats po namin, Hindi po kami ubos sa pananampalataya. Acidente lang po iyan. Nakabigay po ako ng baptismal goal date habang I2L namin at sinibi po niya, opo. Sobrang handa po ang mga tao dito.
Binasa ko po sa Preach My Gospel tungkol sa transitioning a BRT into a message of the restoration. Kinakailangan nating i-introduce ang restoration sa lahat. Yun po yong duty natin, and we must obey as Nephi.

Salamat po sa lahat!

My language progression! haha in case you care. haha I use words in english sometimes because there's none in Tagalog!