Monday, July 8, 2013


I love you family! How are you all doing?

I got the box! It was fantastic! I cant believe its still there at the house, its a dream box. man, I have all sorts of new friends because of it! hahaha. Its just right. Man, that's a lot of chocolate, I've been craving that. It took a while to get here, but it was worth it! Man, I went crazy when I got it!!! Thanks for the pictures and letters too! I want more pictures!

We had a baptism last week, his names Glennford and he's 18 yrs old! He had a bad word of wisdom problem, but Christ like attributes really fixed the problem! With patience he finally quit it once and for all. We did go to his house everyday though, it wasn't easy. It was a nice baptism. We also had 4 less actives become active again this month! Our zone goal is 35 baptisms and 30 Less actives return. The whole mission is 176 baps and 171 Less actives return. Our zone is the highest by far! We're going to accomplish it!

The lightning here is awesome. During exchanges I rode to the other elders apartment and our bus was SO close to getting hit by lightning! We watched the whole thing and we could see the fire as it hit the ground. It was the loudest most gnarly thing that has ever happened. The lightning is so close! and It's almost everyday! I love it! Welcome to rainy season...

Man... during my lesson yesterday I was teaching repentance and I related sin to a beard. In other words We shave every day so that our beard doesn't get too big, but when we forget to shave (repent) one day, its harder to shave (repent) the next day. The word beard is balbas, but because I wasn't exactly sure what it was I accidentally said bolbos which means pubic hairs. So I said in Tagalog, "so that our pubic hairs aren't overly long, we need to shave everyday." Man they LAUGHEd sooo hard, and so did I, that was sooo funny... 

Sorry that's kind of green but I laughed so hard.

Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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