Thursday, October 31, 2013

October 14th Typhoon

Well I'll start off with the craziest stuff that happened. there was a category 3 typhoon that pretty much destroyed my city. My house is completely fine and there were no deaths but man there were so many roofs just chillin' on the roads. We haven't had power for 3 nights now. The first night was the storm and we all woke up at 1:30am from something hitting our house SUPER hard. We were literally just talking story and watching the crazy winds from like 1:30 till 4:30. It was sooooo hot. We're used to Air Con so it was extra hard to coup with. It is so hot here. The past two nights we were able to kinda sleep alright, we all slept in the living rooms. Try praying for our electricity because here if there's no electricity there is no running water and we have to walk to fetch water from a well that smells like rust. Don't worry about drinking water though we have more than enough. I got that box the day before the storm, talk about PERFECT timing. While it was pitch black we were still happy because of all the food!

Other than that our zone is about to set a record for baptisms! We are about to have 40 as a zone! It's literally about to happen. There are only 7 pairs of companions too so this is huge! Our area has 9 baptisms this next Saturday! The work is progressing like crazy, I know the general authorities are praying hard for the missionary work, I noticed that in general conference. Good thing our district center has a generator. We were able to watch general conference after the storm!

This has been a very good and busy week with lots of interviews for the baptisms. Pray that they will continue and we can help make a huge change in this mission. One of these days I'll tell you all our ideas and tactics that have been giving us success, We're changing the way of teaching here.

I really got impressed from the talk of Randy d. Funk. He stated, “When we obey the commandments of the Lord and serve His children unselfishly, the natural consequence is power from God. Power to be able to do more than we would be able to do by ourselves.”
We are literally able to receive power from God. Each one of us. From your decisions earlier to go to church you received power from God. Just imagine the potential we all have on this earth, and realize how powerful we really are. Your all amazing and I love you all! Remember the words of the prophets and remember that you don't need a man living in your home to receive priesthood blessings but only obedience, which I pray we may all have.

Good night!

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