Friday, October 18, 2013

Sept 8th

Hey! I had a good adventurous week I could say. There used to be 6 of us in one small house but now the 4 moved to another apartment. We spent most of last week looking and helping them move into their new apartment. We had to make high bars so no one could possibly get into the house. Missionaries need a safe place where they can relax and have no worries because sometimes the outside is a very very telestial place. On Wednesday my area splits into two and there will be 4 in the house again. It has been very quite in our house with just 2.

While on the way to my appointment I was riding my bike on the road and their was a dog just chillen and licking himself not worrying about a thing, even though it was a busy road. I ignored him thinking he would move but he didn't until the last minute, then we both moved, me turning and him running until we ran into each other and I flew off my bike after running over him with my front wheel ( I was wearing a helmet thankfully). My first reaction after getting up to recover was to protect myself from the dog cause he was PISSED, I shielded myself with my bike and their were about 20 Filipinos chasing the dog off. They then laughed with me and my companion about it, because it must of looked pretty crazy and the dog made a really weird noise haha, anyways I was fine and kept working. Nothing's gonna stop me from working every single day on my mission.

I'm loving my area and I won't get transferred (said President Querido) so I'm happy with that. We have 6 baptisms on the 21st hopefully. This area was really ready for me, haha. The area that I opened that hasn't seen missionaries is my most progressing area. I love being able to do what I want with my area for it's good. Missions are awesome!

I want you to remember to fear God always and seek his kingdom first.
Love you all!

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