Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sept 29th The work is still on fire!

Hey family!

Thanks for all the awesome emails! You are always in my prayers. It's so exciting knowing whose going on missions, when and where! I feel like when I get home no ones going to be there!

 I had an awesome week! 

I don't know if you remember me telling you but when I got to this area we had 48 come to church. Last week the branch had 87 members attend and we also had 15 investigators that attended!!! 

Last Saturday we had 4 successful baptisms so we are literally ON FIRE in this area! We are planning on baptizing 11 this month. I am so ready to do this!!!!!

I can't wait to go into the temple and watch the new video!

Our zone accomplished the standard of excellence AGAIN for the 2nd time in a row! So we are all going to the mission again next Monday! We have 12 baptisms and 12 Less actives return! 

I love you all! Always wear your seat belts!

Elder Kapeliela

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