Wednesday, October 2, 2013

8-18 Typoon!!!!!

Hey family!
The Filipinos are now starting to put up Christmas decorations up haha. They start so early here. Could you tell me what your thoughts are about giving money to homeless and poor people. Sometimes I give a little but most of the time none. Especially when there wearing ear rings. The typhoons have been weak where I live. An hour north they were super strong though. It flooded like 15-20 ft in Masinloc. But yeah, those storms are nothing we haven't seen. They say that 3 more are coming and they'll be stronger.
Did you get my letters to the appropriate people? I'm sending more letters tomorrow.
We had our cooking demo and mission president interviews, it was awesome! I learned how to cook chicken cordon bleu. MMMMMM...
The Taghoy family who I have been focusing on the past few months have gone to church 4 times now and are getting baptized on the 31st! I looove this family so so much! Their names are Nelly Taghoy, Carrisa Taghoy and there's more but those are the only ones that might have a facebook. Our branch is also getting way excited because we had 12 inactives return to the church! I'm feeling good about the branch! I'm thinking WARD soon!!! We had a half day mission! We got 9 lessons with them. We had a blast going to the less actives raiding there houses with like 20 people. They really felt our love.
I gave a blessing to a very, very sick man last week and I was informed yesterday that he died a couple days ago. He was skinny to the bones and couldn't sit up or even talk and he had oxygen in his nose. He said with all his strength, "salamat" after the blessing which means thank you. I'm glad he was put out of his misery.
I love you all! Expect more letters! 2 sets on the way

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