Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sept 1st Happy Birthday Auntie Roberta and Greg

It was a wonderful week of baptisms! We had 5 baptisms on Saturday! It was supposed to be 6 but one of them had an injury problem so she cant get baptized till later this month. Out of all the reasons someone can't get baptized, that reason's lame. She follows all the commandments and everything! But it's okay. We're going to the mission home in a couple of hours cause my zone achieved the standard of excellence!!!

When I said I had a sketchy day All that happened was these Filipinos miss understood what I said and sat outside our apartment trying to get me to come out screaming and opening our windows but It ended up fine because right away the president sent almost every priesthood holder to our house to protect us. It ended up being a good experience since there were like 30 mel priesthood holders there to protect me. Nothing bad could ever happen to me. And don't worry, I was in a different city on exchanges and I'm not going back there. It was a good experience, I felt like Joseph smith in liberty jail for a while.

I cant type too long cause I have to go to the mission home soon and its an hour and a half drive. 

We had 12 investigators at church again! We're doing well here! 

Dad didn't email me! 

Thanks for getting my box sent to me and the letters sent to everyone!

I love you all! I read a book called "The Peace Giver", its really good! I suggest it!

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