Monday, October 7, 2013

August 25th Good evening!

Hi family!

I've written more letters, I just still need to send them! I hope you got my last letters I sent a couple of weeks ago and got them out to the right people!

It has been flooding pretty bad but Not yet inside the house or enough to call it a full on flood. It's just been pretty annoying and hard to work because of it. My shoes were always wet! But the sun finally came out and now things can dry! Things really start to smell bad in this season. 

I had the sketchiest week in my life so please pray extra hard for me...

Our zone goal was to fast every week so that our zone would achieve its goal, and especially because it was a brand new zone. Anyways, our zone fulfilled the standard of excellence which is 2 baptisms and 2 less actives return to the church. Our zone got 16 baptisms and 13 Less active returns (it means a less active went to church 4 times in a row without missing). We get to go to the mission home and have an FHE and eat and play games and watch a movie! Isn't that awesome! It feels good as a zone leader to accomplish the goals!! Especially as a new zone! That's the power of fasting for you!

Yesterday at church we had 90 members come!!!!!!!! When I got here the average was 50 like I said! Our plan is to double the attendance to 100 next week! We had 13 investigators come to church and 12 less actives come too! Isn't that insane? Man, I know this work is being hastened and that he is hastening it! 

I love ya all! I wrote you, so write me back! Take care of yourselves!

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