Tuesday, November 5, 2013

October 21st Hey!!

So it's transfers on Wednesday so I believe that I am getting transferred since I've been here 6 months. I will really miss this area I think. Me and my companions have had great experiences here... When I first got here and how it is now are so much different. I'll tell more when it's for sure that I'm getting transferred.

Well there were 4 nights without power and running water so it was a hard 4 days. But we finally got it back and we took advantage of it for sure. We had to shower outside on a pump haha. It was interesting... We also slept in the living room which I swear was about 90 degrees... I had to fan my self to sleep. My companion and roommates told me that I was fanning while sleeping. That's pretty cool! Anyways, thanks again for the box! It literally got there JUST on time. Tell Kathy thank you so so much for her box too! I could understand the Chinese food box's, but I ate it and it was good haha. The taffy was good but it's kinda melted. Oh well! 

Well, at our baptism, the only concern that we had was that there weren't enough baptismal clothes for all the candidates so we had to go to another chapel and borrow some! The branches here are NOT established at all. But we are helping them grow at a very fast pace. When I got here the sacrament attendance was about 50, and last Sunday there were about 100!!

We're seeing the hand of the Lord in our work, and I feel your prayers showering upon me everyday. Always take advantage of the temple since you are so close to it! I wish I were at the temple everyday! You are all so blessed in America, don't forget that. Thanks, and love you all!

Elder Kapeliela


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