Monday, September 30, 2013

8-11 Not transferred, the email was wrong, Just new calling

I love you all so, so much and miss you all! Always be safe and care of yourselves so you can see my kids kids kids!
Make sure that you are all reading the Book of Mormon everyday as an individual and family! (including prayer of course). It's a commandment!
We had our district conference yesterday! There was an awesome turn out! Someone said that there were over 600 people there, but I don't think I believe them haha. Our branch had a good turn out because a jeepney came and picked them all up. We had 9 investigators go to church again! It's been like 9 or 11 every week seriously! The works great right?!
We got to go to a leadership meeting as Zone leaders and share our insights on the lacking of the branches and stuff. That was so nice to get out all of the things that needed to be said there.
One night on the way home I decided to tell my companion that I wanted to take a short cut home because it was late and we were really far away and by the beach. So he said fine! But I told him that every other companion that I had was too scared to go and take that shortcut and he asked why? I told him about the snakes and dogs and how it was pitch black, then I talked him into it. So we bike into the pitch black narrow trail and we turn on our cell phone light which only gives us like 5 feet seeing range and we started singing "Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel". Almost exactly after we start singing, 5 dogs start barking and coming out of random trees (we were in a rain forest type place) and they were pissed! So I turned on the turbo and got ahead of my companion so that I could shine the light back at him in order for him to be able to see the dogs cause they were on his back wheel chasing FAST and they were BIG! While shining the light back I couldn't see a thing in front of me and were going like 20 mph, but we were seriously guided safely, I don't know how. I kept yelling KICK! KICK! But we got 0 kicks in that whole 20 minutes bike ride, it was the most fun I'd had in a while. I love my area. We shaved like 50 minutes on that sketchy short cut so we were able to teach an additional lesson!
We have a family of cats that live outside our house. I remember when the mom cat was pregnant and now the kittens are pretty big. (I've been here a while now). I used to think they were annoying but now I'm seeing a ton of dead rats and stuff all the time and I loooove them!!!
I'm buying a rat trap later today!
Lets endure to the end!

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