Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Transfer week!!! March 24th

Well, my companion got transferred to the mission offices. It's at the mission home and he gets a car and air conditioner and the mission home.... and mission home food... I'm so jealous... seriously... This whole week I was getting my companion ready to lead the area but nope, he's at the mission home now. But I guess that's cool that he got to be that good of a missionary to become a mission office worker! He'll do great I know that! So this means that I won't be transferred. I was really kinda bummed about it, but that's okay. I'll get to see my baptisms at least! And maybe I'll get some more ghost stories at this house. I really have no idea what's gonna happen to me but I'm kinda excited. 

Me and Elder Orndorff from Washington went on exchanges. We taught a lesson introducing the Book of Mormon on top of a mountain during a huge thunderstorm. We seriously had to hike up there. We were soaking wet. But that day we taught 8 lessons which is pretty good. Rain can't stop us Washingtonians. All the Filipinos don't go out if its raining, or if its super hot haha. They were like, "What are you doing elders! It's raining!" Is rain gonna stop the work? Ya right. These two 12 and 13 year old members worked with us the entire time. They are so hardworking. I guess I'll still be biking... oh well.

We had our district conference yesterday. An area 70 came, he was super funny and he chastised people that they work and do other things rather than go to the church meetings. It was exactly what I wanted to say to people. I sang in the choir as well. And no I didn't practice haha. We sang "Armies of Helaman" which was alright but than we sang "Love at Home" in Tagalog. That sounded SOOOO good. I swear that the angels in heaven sing in Tagalog because I thought I was in a choir of angels beside me. Anyways, It was fun seeing all the missionaries. I guess I'll be here for mango season though! They're way good. Love y'all.
How are things going over there?

-Elder Kapeliela

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