Thursday, May 9, 2013

3 week transfer March 3rd

Hello, I'm just gonna say the first thing that comes to my mind. Okay my work, it was a good week and we got a lot done. We had 7 investigators at church and 19 lessons with a member present 35 in all. We got 2 more baptismal goal dates and 15 new investigators. The sacrament attendance went up to 113 as well. We were on the move none stop. Our investigators are seriously SOOO far away and we have to bike so I don't think those numbers can go much higher unless we bike faster haha. Anyways, It was a very successful week and I'm thankful for it.

One of my investigators got an answer to his prayer the other day. He said while he was waking up from a nap at his work, an American told him that there was a bible in America and that God loves all his children. He said he didn't think God would answer his prayer that way. But that was an interesting way I must say. He has a lot of problems before he can become a member but I know he can resolve them. He has 3 kids and isn't married, he drinks, and he smokes. But I know he'll stop. He has an answer. Man investigators seem to be getting harder and harder, but God is giving them testimonies. Whats your say on him?

Man, its soooo much easier to fast when you start at 2 until 2. 6 until 6 is like impossible. I was so receptive during that 24 hours of fast. I felt the spirit really strong in all places.

Keep working with the missionaries and give them referrals so they have something to do besides give hand out cards at Safeway haha.

I'm doing a 100 day Book of Mormon challenge. I'm still up to date. Try it with me!

Love you all!

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