Again, this week was insanely fast. Is it fast for you guys?? Its already Monday again... It's my companions birthday today so we're going to have an FHE on the beach. It's my 8 month mark today. I left July 18th, 2012 and its 4 months away till my year mark... That is craaaazy. I can understand Tagalog now so clearly its awesome. I'm also really good at speaking Zambal which is the language of the natives here. I've baptized quite a few natives now. MY stats were pretty good this week. I remember we only had 4 new investigators on Saturday and while riding home a bit discouraged I cried to the Lord for help in new investigators because my goal was 10 for the week, and RIGHT after I said that 6 teenagers yelled saying Elders! So we went to them and saw that there was one member with them. We taught them about the restoration on the side of the street and they came to church yesterday! The lord definitely provides. Then on Sunday we had family home evening at 7 and before we went, at 5 we decided to go into the mountains and follow-up an "Invite to learn" that we obtained while talking to a tricycle driver about our message. We got there and got 7 new investigators. So this week we got 16 new investigators. The LORD is providing for us.

It's the hottest time of the year now in the Philippines in the hottest place in the whole Philippines... But the mango's are good. And its not super bad because we bike everywhere. It kinda cools you off when it's super hot. I also have a new helmet that makes me look like a power ranger apparently. So I do the whole power ranger show for them haha. Kids are so great here.

Transfers are next week, so this is probably my last week here. We'll see next Monday. I'd like to say I helped this area progress. I know I have done my best and that the numbers are way higher now! It all goes down to the Book of Mormon. Hopefully you all read every day. I sure do, and tell everyone else too. Read everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love ya!