Week 6
I'm getting this out a few days later than usual! A few more weeks in the MTC!
Here's his letter:
Hello everyone, keep dr eldering me and telling me how your doing I love it! Sounds like its Bianca's stressful dance week! I miss everything about dance. My roommate just left to San Diego cause he got his mission call change because of infection of the eye. It was really sad to see him go. Like really sad, and he taught me how to Machata SO good haha. Tell Kevin Congratz and that if he needs a babysitter in the future I owe him an entire childhood haha. Except I've never changed a diaper before... D & C 88: 117-141, I want my home to be like this. read it!
So my new favorite scripture is D & C 45:3-5, it is Jesus pleading for our souls to the father, read it and love it! I have came so close to Christ. While I was doing initiatory (can't spell that) I could feel the presence of the people whom I was conferring the blessing upon the spirit and it was a great experience. My favorite quote is "RETURN WITH HONOR!" and there's nothing that could take me away from this work.
Once again, it just seems like everyone in the gym just wants to fight so now I just go play volleyball outside in the sand pits, they have NICE beach volley ball, but without a beach haha.
So I have a good "musical" spiritual thought for you all. When I am about to perform in front of many people its SO important to tune my bass or guitar. I'm sure you know that if two notes are playing and they are even slightly out of tune it sounds HORRIBLE. Ask any orchestra nerd like me. Its the same with your spirit, if you are just slightly out of tune with the spirit it doesn't work at all. and especially for me since I need to be on the same tune as my investigator. I have been really trying to follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost. Elder Anderson sharde a good story about President Monson. He was going to a stake meeting and he had an impression to go visit someone who was on their death bed in the hospital. He acknowledged the prompting but didn't want to miss the stake presidents talk so he stayed and as soon as the president began to talk his prompting grew even stronger so to be nice to the stake president he decided to wait until he was done speaking. As soon as he was done speaking he sprinted to the hospital to an empty bed and the nurse said he had passed away 45 minutes earlier. And the nurse said, "are you brother Monson? and he said yes" and she said "he was calling for your name before he died". From that point on he ALWAYS listened to the promptings. Even Brother Anderson said that no matter whats going on, if president Monson has a prompting he'll fulfill it and leave meetings or anything of great importance to do it. In my life I had a prompting to go out a certain door that was a longer route to my residence. While I was walking I got to see the most beautiful sunset and stars I had ever seen with the temple and mountains in the background. It made me happy and I know that that was God sending me there so he could put a smile on my face. Listen to the spirit, all :) I love you all! Mahal ko kayo! Ingat! Expect letters everyone! (Bianca Aroha Bryan mom dad) hahaha.