Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2 weeks

This is not the field so there's really nothing to talk about except the temple this morning was awesome and the food after was the best food I've had in weeks. Sundays are my favorite day because I get to go to choir with all of my BYU-H friends. Then after that we get an awesome devotional and the speakers are ALWAYS good. The organists are also the best musicians EVER. They improvise everything it's awesome! I got to talk to him after! After devotional is movie night. We got to watch Testaments! It's such a good movie! Watch it!
So for personal study I read Jacob through Mormon. Those are my new favorite passsages. I strongly prefer for you to read them! They set up everything so nicely!
Hey dad, that mighty spirit finally hit me last Sunday! I knew exactly what you were talking about now!
So the temple here was pretty much exactly like the Seattle temple except there were no exalaters :( So we got a new teacher yesterday so that now we have 2 teachers for the day. He's a Filipino American and served in Manila. His name is brother Lacenienta. He's super funny and can relate to everyone. The other teacher is brother Mauzy and he always has a smile on his face. Oh and I'm ONLY allowed to speak my language so that's going well. I'm already saying anything I want without needing to read things. I'm the vocab game champion at the moment haha. and my pronunciation is PRIME thanks to my Hawaiian roots haha. Me and preach my gospel have had some fights and disagreements but we're finally starting to get along. Except yesterday we kinda got in a fight again. As district leader I challenged everyone to finish the book of Mormon and the Preach my gospel by the middle of August. I think we can do it! For Judy Swensen, my scriptures already look 10 years old! haha. Ya I know... Hey mom, I challenge YOU to finish the Book of Mormon in August too!! It was the most life changing experience I've ever had! Now I need to finish "Preach my Gospel". I'd rather have a book called "Ed Kapeliela's" teaching guide though.... Much rather... I gave a lesson on faith Sunday and it was POWERFUL since the topic was faith and I gave my farewell talk on faith. I had awesome experiences to share with everyone as well as Greg Laurie's awesome story. If you don't know what it is search "Greg Laurie He's still here" I think? This MTC is the best place on earth! Honestly though... EVERYONE needs to come through here. EVERYONE. It has changed my life sooo much and I don't know how I could have not gone on a mission. I've never wanted to do good more than anytime in my life. TO ALL, to be truly happy you need to focus entirely on someone else. Do not care about yourself or you'll be miserable. Just some more simple truths, "your body IS a temple". Its not a figure of speech, its not a joke, its TRUE doctrine. I think you all know what that means. All of these things have been on my mind lately. I'm not signaling out anyone, just speaking my mind since I have something to type on. Anyways I gotta go to take my P-day nap now! Love you all! See you in a week!
Mom, tell Kerri she's awesome! I will reply to her when I can! A sister Jordyan Wilkins says she heard of Laynie. Shes a sister in my district. Love you! Send me emails that I can reply to mommy! My times up : INGAT KA! MAHAL KITA!

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