Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I can't believe it's week 4!! Almost a month since he went into the MTC! I love the stories and hearing of his growth every week.

Week 4

Hey so another week just went bye... Wow... Congrats to Holly and Kevin for having there baby boy!! Tell him I wish I was there to meet him! Was I close to a right guess on his facebook thing?  I've already ruined 2 shirts... Haha sorry... I wrote Bianca! She should have gotten it!
So my Tagalog is improving like CRAZY. I can pretty much say whatever I want and it's amazing to see the miracle of the gift of tongues. So right now there are already 3 missionaries that got a mission call change or are going home. Crazy huh? I'm not going home even if I get cancer! Some good scriptures to read are Luke ch 6.
 So the cool thing about Tagalog is that we can understand Spanish, but Spanish speakers can't understand us! haha. But I can speak good enough Spanish to communicate so it's perfect! So there is this really inspiring person in my district. He's from Scottsdale Arizona, his name is Brett Patrick. He has only been a member of the church for just over 1 year. Lets just say he made some mistakes in his life. He's the kinda guy you would NEVER mention the church too because he would just make fun of it. He was literally the LAST person you would expect to be mormon. He partied and did all the things that are involved with that. 3-4 years ago he started dating a girl who used to be mormon. She was inactive at the time and didn't hold the standards of the church either. But after 3 years of dating, the missionaries went to their house. 4 months of them coming hadn''t changed him at all but it changed his girlfriend. Then one visit he said he prayed about the Book of Mormon and he found it to be the word of god. He said it scared him. But he didn't deny it. Later, after all the visits and lessons it went from the missionaries calling him all the time to him calling the missionaries all the time. He was then baptized. This was only a year ago. Then Elder Holland of the 12 gave a life changing talk to him. Is said EVERY worthy young man is Called by God to serve a mission. This struck him so hard that he told his girlfriend of 4 years that he wanted to go. He is 23 years old! He's now going to be one of the most effective missionaries because of his story. He still accidentally says cus words on the basketball court but we all just remind him who he is and just laugh about it. The WHOLE gym gets quiet haha. Anyways, speaking of the gym, me and my friend Elder Reynoso are the Volleyball KINGS. Bump... Set.. and everyone runs away hahaha. My friend Reynoso is the best setter so I just SLAM it. hahah, like my dad used slam dunk it on me when I was 5 years on playing basketball with him hahaha. Well I'm almost 100 pgs into Jesus the Christ and I feel like a genius haha. Its amazing. I'm also reading the New Testament with it. I''m trying to get through Isaiah as well. EVERYTHING is starting to make sense to me. EVERYTHING. The Book Of Mormon makes sense to me finally haha. I can tell it from the start to finish without breathing. It goes back and forth and back and forth going forward in time and back in time all over the place and I can finally understand it all haha.
 Love you!

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