Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Week 3

I can't believe it's been 3 weeks!!! Here's another letter from Elder Kapeliela. Please write him if you can, go to Dear Elder...address below.
----- So It's Tuesday and I just got back from the temple. It was very nice, the temple reminds me of the Seattle one but it doesn't have exalaters :( After the session we went and got breakfast and a nice Japanese Chef gave me waffles with a smilie face made from whipped cream and strawberries :)) So mom, the plane ride was good, I sat next to an elder Kimball and yes he is related to the prophet like my roomate and although he was off a bit he was really kind and intelligent. He knew a whole President Monson talk from memory and gave me the whole talk, it was really cool. After that we challenged each other to memorize a couple scriptures so we did that too. After that I passed out and woke up in Utah. When we landed we got picked up by a pissed off cab driver. He drove about 90 mph cussing and yelling at people and we got to the MTC in under 30 minutes. We were blessed that we didn't crash. Probably because there were 5 other elders with me.
I promise I'll have more to say when I'm in the Philippines. The last 2 districts just left haha they were all punks soo... phew. There are 79 more people coming within the next 2 weeks to our zone itself. It will be the biggest zone in the MTC haha. 2 kids from New Zealand and 1 from Australia. Theres been a huuuge rivalry from Aussies and Ameriacns in the leadership and I got to sign my name on this hand me down Milo can that says Leaders: Aussies vs AMericans haha. I'll show u a picture its hilarious. Its been a hand me down competition since like the 90s haha.
Recently I have been trying to study every oppurtunity I have. I have decided that there is just NOT enough time in a day to get what I want to accomplish done. I've been studying some Psalms, David is the only prophet that we know what kingdom he is going to after death. Poor David destroyed himself... It's really fun to read psalms. In fact I end up making my own songs out of the verses. In psalms the song Blessed be his name came from it (im already starting to ruin english sentance structure forgive me). All the Tagalog teachers here admit that you'll suck at english when you get back :( haha. I can't wait to go on a mission again when I'm older! The senior missionaries get NICE rooms to sleep in haha. I know because I have to clean them :/ haha.
 I got a cold the day after you sent me those cough drops. So way to go mom, you got those to me RIGHT on time. I also twisted my ankle :/ sorry dad, I played in running shoes. But a couple days later with icing and only doing crunches since I couldn't run my foot was fully healed. I dont know how but it was a miracle and I can run like an Ethiopian again. Speaking of Ethiopian the ONLY person to give me Olympic updates is Aroha, so step it up everyone!
The Maori kids name is Poe-Laulu, he was rude to me in the temple even!! I said mahal kita... thats it... hahaha. I want a scrap book! and I want candy! and I want letters! You can send me dear elders more than once a day ya know! You could send a, Good morning, or a have a nice lunch, or a study hard! They print them out at 4 so try and send before that if you want me to see it that day. and dad! great story! I loved that and will always remember that!)))) Bianca you'll get a letter on thursday k?! I promise, the mail takes FOREVER here, theres a new mail man apparently. I hope your ok. Read the book of mormon, its a book from Jesus Christ himself and its more than just a book, trust me. That book alone will make you want to become a better person.
Just keep sending dr elders everyone theyre sooo nice. I got 6 the other day from Aroha mom bryan joel and dad. Oh and Brady's step brother? He's really cool. Thank you everyone! Mahal Kita!!
It sucks to have to go but my time has expired. :/ I have to go do my laundry now :/  Love all of you! Ingat ka! Mahal kita!

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