Week 7
This week has been very special for me. I've learned some valuable lessons from my studies that I know will help everyone reading this. But first I want to tell you about the fun parts of my week. I went to the temple and it was great although too early haha. I also got to watch the prophets 85th birthday celebration in the devotional gym and got to hear some mean opera and great singers. I also got way better at the language and my companion and I are best friends. So on to what I've learned. SO, I got mad at somebody the other day because he said something completely bawal and I didn't know how to steam all of the anger off, so I just read the scriptures and turned to Matthew and ended up reading the whole thing. Nothing has ever hit me so hard in my life. I realized that there is only 1 person that has ever lived on this earth that had a reason to be angry. And that is the savior. After only helping people and healing them and teaching them things of great worth his own apostles fell asleep on him in the garden during his atonement and he didn't even think of getting mad. His own apostle betray him and he didn't get phazed. He was beaten and wiped to the point where a mortal man would die and he forgave them. People tempted him telling him that if he was the son of god to deliver himself from the cross, and he only loved them. He is the only person in this world that deserves to get angry. What right do we have to be angry? NONE. I haven't been mad since and I can't imagine how Jesus feels when were angry when he knows that its for no reason. I cant be a hypocrite and will not be.
In Ether 3 it talks about the Jaredites deliverance from Israel. They built there barges "tight, like unto a dish" and therefore there barge could not be opened or harassed. When the mountanous waves crashed on them, when the winds blew like unto a hurricane, when the rains came down like a single drop covering the air into water these trials could not touch the barges because they were "tight, like unto a dish" and in fact these winds, waves, and rains were pushing them to the promised land. When we have waves and winds and rains falling on us be "tight like unto a dish" and let those trials take you to you "promised land". Always choose the right, because the church is true, and the commandments are true. Don't ever doubt that, cause I know its true. If you read the book of mormon everyday, elder bednar promises you will NEVER fall away. I know these things are true, in the name of jesus christ amen