Wednesday, November 20, 2013

11-10 Mom's message: Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda)

This was a very long week, and from the time that the Typhoon hit, and I knew he was safe, it was still a long wait to hear from him 3 days later. I am so happy and grateful that he is safe. He has already been in many Typhoons, and a Category 3 flooded their apartment, and another one pretty much destroyed the city he was in, he said. So when you have a Category 5 and the biggest in recorded history in the Philippines, and one of the top worst Typhoons ever, this mom was worried!
He always says all is well, even though I know of the trials, almost getting hit by lightning, flooding, no electricity for days, death, destruction to name a few!

After I knew he was safe, my heart was still heavy for those families that hadn't heard about their son's and daughter's. It is a true miracle that out of 21 missions with an average of 200 missionaries each, they were all accounted for and safe. So many stories are coming out of what some had to go through. They are amazing young men and women. I have Beau's first email after and articles and pictures during this time.

Beau's mom :)

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