Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hey!! November 3, 2013

I'm going to the mission home again for another activity! My zone has achieved the standard of excellence 5 months in a row now! Every month brings its challenges but challenges are so prominent in missionaries lives. Resolving them is the most important part. It's what helps missionaries grow so much.
I've been loving the city so much, but the hills and mountains haven't seemed to get easier yet. They are way high! But yea, things are getting way expensive here since its a more wealthy part of the Philippines. My area is on the Subic Base so there are American stores and every fast food ever! So it's hard not to spend all of my money haha. The base is really cleaned up now, I haven't seen ANY clubs or anything like that. It's a nicer place actually.

Well, for the first time in my whole mission I got a fever! But don't worry, a member in the branch is a pharmacist and bought me everything I needed and I was fully better after 2 days and now I'm great! I feel good as new! I thought I could get home without getting sick haha. Don't worry about me I'm being really taken care of here!
Last Friday was "All saints day" so everyone goes to their dead relatives and puts candles on them, eats, and just talks about them. We went to check it out since NO ONE was home (they were all at the cemetery). It's a super steep mountain where the graves are and they're out of the ground. It was very beautiful. Anyways, it was a great way to share the gospel. Their were thousands of people.
 I love you all! Keep on the right path! It's obvious why, so we can become an eternal family like we are sealed to be!
Enjoy the pictures!
Elder Kapeliela

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