Wednesday, November 20, 2013

November 10th I'm all good!

Nov 10 at 6:26 PM
As I've told you in those e-mails, I am all good! In fact, if you saw the radar of the Philippines you would notice that the ENTIRE country was covered as in every city EXCEPT Olongapo!!! We were the only city to get virtually nothing from the storm. Just some winds and sprinkles! I'm super blessed here!

A cool experience is we promised a family that lives 15 feet of the beach that if they promised to go to church, the waves (which were already entering and ruining their house) would not be able to touch their house again. As soon as we left the wind stopped and the sound of the waves decreased. We followed up on them and apparently their house didn't get affected by any waves again. But they still didn't go to church. I prayed that Olongapo won't go under water. That last storm was a "Y" which means that was the 25th typhoon here in the Philippines. People really need to repent here. If you watched the news the catholic churches and saints were all destroyed. Our temple and churches were all standing strong and still are as I type. 

The work has been hastened and its fun riding on this giant wave of adrenaline and haste for the Lords work to speed up. My zone is expecting 30 baptisms which will be a record for this zone. The Lords work is rolling and speeding up like a snow ball rolling down a snowy hill. Never forget that, "Every member is a missionary."

Let us all remember that we promised to God after we were baptized that we would take upon ourselves the name of Christ, that we would always remember him, that we would keep his commandments, and that we would endure to the end. If we don't keep our promise we're as ungrateful and stubborn as our investigators that STILL didn't go to church after them seeing the helping hand of the Lord in their lives. The investigators little 2 and 3 yr olds were on their knees praying while the mom was complaining to us that she couldn't go to church because of the waves going in her house. After she promised to go to church, our promise we made in the Lords name was sealed and they were saved from any disaster that whole night. If we keep our promise to the Lord, we will also be saved at the last day. Let us do all the things that the Lord commands and requires of us till the end, " For if you will that I give unto you a place in the acelestial world, you must bprepare yourselves by cdoing the things which I have commanded you and required of you."

Love you all so much!
Elder Kapeliela

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