Thursday, September 27, 2012


  This is the first letter I recieved from Beau in the Philippines.

Sunday, September 23, 2012 7:26 PM

Well its SUPPPPPPPPPPEEEERRR poor here,  but I love it and its just what I wanted! Its is so hot that I just gave up hahaha I sweat literally 24/7, I loove it (nacho libre voice). haha. The people are SOOO nice and they are ALWAYS smiling and laughing, its great! I love these people so much. Everyday all day there has been a thunder/lightning storm bigger than I've ever seen and they're so astig! Awesome* I pick up enough in what they say to understand the concept but how they talk is how I would talk if I was making up some crazy language!
My companion is Elder Rosales from Bacolud which is in the middle of the country and his first language is Hiligaynon, but it's his last transfer before he goes home so he's fluent at English and tagalog. He's pretty awesome, but he's starting to get trunky, haha pero okay lang! Its just fine*
Well, we taught over 15 lessons in this short week and guess what? There are over 700 members but only 60 are active. INSANE. So we mostly go to inactive members homes. Once I'm fluent, I have ALOT to say to these inactives. They are SO stubborn. I was at a home recently, and I finally go and pick up a guitar and played it for an older couple. They were 85 and inactive. They were "offended" But I played them like 3 Hawaiian songs and they fell in love with each other again! haha. These people were in the military in Olongapo first.
Oh ya, my area is Abucay and It's awesome. It's a little city with a million jeepnys and tricial motor bike things haha. Its pretty funny. They drive crazier than I've ever seen. Maybe go on youtube and search Manila driving, its insane!
 I threw up like 6 times on the trip here. It was miserable, but I didn't stop smiling. haha my companion and I have a song called, "Were smiling, and were not stopping and we don't know why were smiling" hahaha its astig! haha. This is for Aroha, hahah I got proposed to 5 times already hahahaha, we say BAWAL YAN and walk away laughing haha.

There are SOOOOO many dogs walking around, always about 20 in eye sight, and cats, they are all starving, its so sad... I saw a chicken fighting arena too, it's right by our house. Man, I could go on forever.

 The food is just rice and fish and adobo and random seafood. Its masarap (delicious!) My house is pretty nice but the inside is like a hurricane, but oh well. I hand washed my clothes this morning and I have cuts all over my hands, haha. Our neighbors are REALLY nice members! OH ya, I got my first baptism on Saturday. You'll see pictures soon, haha. His name is Jessie Boy Rojas Asor. He is great, we're best friends haha. I did the baptism in Tagalog haha I'm literally a foot taller than everyone. I haven't met ONE Filipino taller than me or even close haha.

When I walk past kids they all scream and run at me shouting all the enlish they know haha," WHATS YOUR NAME! HOW OLD ARE YOU! HEY JOE! YOUR WHITE!" haha I say "saan ang nanay mo??! Where is your mother hahaha. They go crazy when they hear me speak tagalog haha. Man, I ve never been so grateful for the things I have at home..... We are sooo blessed, period. I love this work to death and I'll work even if the lightning hits me. I love these people and I want their salvation more than mine. They are so hard working, NEVER complain and always think about there family first. I wanna be just like them. Anyways, I love you all!

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