Thursday, May 15, 2014

Jan 26th BOX!

Good morning Family!

We had a leadership training meeting this week and we discussed a lot of rules and basketball, which was previously prohibited, is now allowed so we got to play this morning and it was amazing!! I'm on week 4 on the Air Alert jumping program and its a blessing that I can play basketball now so I can get that jumping muscle memory going! I have a goal to dunk before I go home. The program I'm doing is supposed to give me an extra 8-13 inches haha. OH YA! I got the package finally! All of my roommates and I agreed that it was the best package EVER!!!! And the jump rope really helps with the program I'm doing! But the food is destroying my diet! But that's okay, I'm sharing with everyone haha.

So the transfers got super messed up on me since their is a new mission president coming in. The new transfer is on June 18th instead of July 2nd. There's gonna be an 8 week transfer so that the mission president doesn't get put in the mission at the start of a transfer. Its really messed up because my two options are August 13th of July 18th. President Querido told me to go home on June 18th so that we could interview and have a going home party with him! Crazy right?

The work is going really well now here in Olongapo, we had 10 less actives at church yesterday! We are teaching over 50 people and our family accepted their baptismal goal date for February 15th!

I'm super thankful for this box and these ties are perfect! thanks Bianca for those sick ties and tie clips! I can't thank everyone for every little thing so just thank you all for everything!

Love you all!

Elder Kapeliela

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