Wednesday, May 21, 2014


I hope you had a great birthday and ate a ton. My two missionary friends went to Hong Kong for the weekend to get some passport stuff done and loved it, get there safely and try to come back before July!

Good morning/good evening family! Happy Valentines week! Next week is my birthday. I think for a celebration were gonna eat some balut hahaha.

So you all asked some good questions so I'll just reply here.
I hope you had a good week! What are some of the highlights?
The highlight of the week was when the family we are teaching came to church and really participated in all the class! It's the Cornel family and they will get baptized on the 23rd of February! It's a family of 7 but only 4 are of the right age or worthy to get baptized but the others will follow  soon! Its a couple and 5 girls hahaha. Yeah, 5 girls, it reminds me of the Shaw family which reminds me of Jake Heeps which reminds me about football which reminds me about the seahawks WOOOOO GO SEAHAWKS!

 What are the differences between the other area's and Olongapo for you? 
The difference here in the city is all the pollution going into my lungs and the mountains. My other areas had no big buildings, pollution or mountains. And the people here are a little bit more hard hearted and hard to invite to learn. Missionary work in my past areas has been mostly inviting people to learn and here its all about referrals. 

Are you noticing the difference between the really poor area's and the city people? 
There is rich and poor people in every area but in the city they are pretty much all way better with money. Every single person that we teach here gives us something to drink and eat.  In my last area that was super super rare!

How is your zone doing?
Last month we didn't do very well, a lot of investigators got married this week and got baptized this week so this month is gonna be a very high baptizing month. We already have 3 baptisms and 14 less actives return and the month just started. We are expecting 24 baptisms and 32 less actives return. 

How many referrals have YOU given this month? Year? Your life? Its the best way to do missionary work. You need to give them often, it's all the missionaries hope for from you member missionaries!

Our mission is super pumped up and ready to get over 200 baptisms this month! Our mission got over 1,200 baptisms last year and this year we're going for over 2,000 and I know we can do it! Everyone seems to be stepping up! I'm super excited to be in the mission during this hastening of the work. 

Well, I would have pictures but the card reader is not working. 

I love you all! Keep the faith!

Elder Kapeliela
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