Wednesday, May 14, 2014

1-19-14 Go SEAHAWKS!!!!

Jan 19
Hey family! I had a great week with Elder Orndorff! We have been working harder and harder every week and it has been paying off! The family that we are teaching WENT TO CHURCH AGAIN!!! WHOOOOA!!! I love this family, please pray for them, the Cornel family.

This is in response to a email from mom:
biggest challenge: My biggest challenge is when you go to ALL all your plans and back-up plans with-in like 2 hours and they are ALL busy and you look at the clock and it's 4 o'clock and you have a whole day to work with nowhere else to go so the rest of the day is tracking. 

Biggest concern: 
My biggest concern is I always want to make sure that the Lord is pleased with what I am doing. Sometimes you fell like your not doing enough so I am always making goals and plans to make sure I improve.

biggest success: My biggest success was my 3rd area because I left the area a lot better than I got it.
favorite person this week:My favorite person this week is Sister Aida (Our recent convert that is 79 yrs old) because despite her absolutely evil husband she has been with for over 55 yrs she still hasn't left him. And also, despite the persecution she gets from members of her old church for becoming a latter-day saint, she is still always there on Sunday with a huge 1 tooth smile.

This week we found out that a brand new Dairy Queen just opened up here in Olongapo so were gonna hit that up later today!!! Is anyone excited for me?! 

I love you so much family! Never give-up in ANYTHING. Especially in this gospel, we will have eternal life with we live it right. I have an assignment for you all. IN the Gospel principles book read the last chapter on Exaltation and read the list of things you need to do in order to inherit all the Father has. It is awesome, read it please. Will you do that?

Well, I love you so much family! Your always in my prayers!

Elder Kapeliela


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