Monday, September 9, 2013

July 21st Kumusta!

Hello Family!

I got chased by a cow because I wanted to touch her calf.... Hehe.

We just had 2 baptisms on Saturday and have 4 more this Sunday. 2 Of the baptisms fell through but They will get baptized next month. 6 baptisms is still a good number and the Lord is pleased. The standard of excellence is 2.

Transfers are next week and I think I am going to get transferred. 

While our investigators were getting interviewed for their baptisms, one of our investigators didn't show up, so we ran to her house and started walking to the chapel when the rain started pouring on us. We hid under a roof and I said a quick prayer and told them that if we start running to the church it would stop raining, because they weren't allowed to get wet cause they were sick already. As we started running the clouds above us started parting and the rain ceased. The Lord even prepared the way for us to dry off by parting the clouds by the sun so the heat could dry us off. When we arrived at the chapel there was a huge rainbow arcing the chapel and at that moment I knew that it WAS true, and NO unhallowed hand can stop this work from progressing. She was then interviewed, passed and got home safely.

The rash is going away now! 2nd doctor I went to was better than the first. He said I don't have allergies and that the other doctor isn't smart haha. I believe him because his medicine works! Sleep was only hard the first night but now its OK!! 

Watch the leadership (first presidency) Its called "Harnessing the power of the members". We all watched it, it was really good!

I got bit by an ant for the first time in my life. Just thought I'd tell you that it wasn't that bad hehe.

But I will tell you want is bad. I woke up in the middle of the night because I had a dream that a rat was biting me so I woke up. For some reason my foot hurt super bad and I was way confused. Then I feel something on my foot and kicked it off and hear rat screeches and realize what happened. My dream and reality were the same, a rat was biting my foot. It wasn't a kolipoki kind of thing but it still hurts. Nothing will ever stop me from tracking. I said a pray that it wouldn't return, put socks on and fell right back asleep. We had killed a rat the day before so maybe his brother was mad haha.

With all the baptisms, I have been working my companions butt off hahaha. It's fun working my companions hard. They'll appreciate it in the future hehe.

Chloe got called to the mission next door!!!!!!!! I'm sooo excited for her, you have no idea!!!! We can speak tagalog together!!!!

Tell her to email me! 

I love you family! Thanks for the awesome letters and prays. Prayer is powerful! 
Elder Kapeliela

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