Tuesday, September 24, 2013

8-4 Zone Leader

Well when I found out I didn't get transferred and I was way surprised! I was kind of let down, because it's fun getting transferred! Anyways, later on that night I found out my area became a zone and that surprised me! Than I found out who became my companion, Elder Wilde, then I realized I was called to be a Zone Leader. My area is the new zone leaders area. Man, I love my companion and work!

The family I have been teaching (Taghoy family) went to church 2 times in a row now!! I can't wait to baptize them! They are in the suuuuper far area that I was inspired to open and got over 30 investigators in 2 weeks! The family is going to get baptized now! I love them so much! 

We have a goal of 7 baptisms this month! I'm excited to set the standard for the zone which will make this new zone known through the whole mission!

The spirit has been so strong in the past couple days from being able to bond and teach as one with my new companion!

Nothing really crazy happened this week.

There were 30 new missionaries that are sent in this mission. 

Be careful in all that you do I love ya'll so much! Keep sending pictures!!

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