Wednesday, July 10, 2013

6-9 A Great and Successful Week!

Hi family! I had a great and successful week!

I'll start off with the work! 11 of our investigators went to church yesterday!!!!! 11!!! and we had 6 less actives go to church for the 4th time in a row so we have 6 people return from being inactive! We also had another baptism two days ago! Her name is CJ, she is 15 yrs old and sooo smart! She wants to serve a mission! The sacrament attendance when I got here was an average of 50. But the past 4 weeks have been 70, 67, 71 and yesterday 80!!!!! The work is on FIRE! They're going to put another set of missionaries in my area now and split the zone into 2 because of all this crazy success!!! I'm pumped. It's going to become a stake I swear!

The storms were gnarly the other day. The lightning is just crazy..., But I got over it and I just walk in the rain and get wet, I love It now. I now hope for storms. I love saying the missionary purpose while walking with the lightning, "My purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel of Jesus Christ through faith in Christ and his atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the holy ghost and enduring to the end." There is no reason to be scared when your saying that. I could walk through a war, walk through a tornado, walk through a sand storm and nothing could stop me when I'm saying my purpose, when I'm working for the Lord. I really did stop caring about the lightning. One time it struck the transformer next to me, it was louder than ACDC live. But I just kept going and was able to do my purpose.

I love the work! This place is fine. I'm going to miss these storms, I know that. I miss you all! I love y'all! I'm addicted to the song about Hale'iwa! I used to hang out there all the time with my friends watch the surf competition, go to the beach or shop. Man, I miss that place... But luckily the beach is beautiful here to look at! Too bad they don't listen to good Hawaiian music.

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