Sunday, July 21, 2013

June 16th

Man, all you guys do is vacation over there! Why didn't we go on trips like Hawaii, fishing, and stuff like that all the time when I was home! haha. FYI message to Elder Kapeliela: We did! LOL

Bianca, one day it was raining freakishly hard so we didn't go outside or we would get struck by lightning and we were in the middle of a rice field so one of the members taught me how to dougie so I'll be auditioning for your dance team when I get home... Man, I can dougie finally... haha. 

We find out later today who gets transferred... I don't think I'll get transferred. I'm in Botolan if you want to look it up on google. There is a ton of rice fields. I like eating the rice from the plant, its pretty good.

Man, My polo is always dirty, I'm always sweating or wet, their is always a kid covered in dirt climbing on my pants but I've never felt so clean. I love the feeling of righteousness. There's nothing like knowing that you could die right then and know that you are worthy to return to your makers presence. We all know how to get that worthy, we know. Sometimes we're just too stupid to look at the big picture. But right now look at it. I don't need to say more.

Our city has 3 branches in it and all 6 of us Elders live in one house haha. This month, every single Saturday has a baptism. So its been pretty fun going to all of them. we had baptisms on June 1st and 8th and the other Elders on the following Saturdays.

I'll tell you about transfers next week! Bye, love ya!

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