Don't go to crazy on New Years, I don't want to miss out on the fun!! The kids here are walking home sometimes with giant rockets in their backpacks, I'm starting to get concerned haha. These fireworks here are super loud. And there even lighting them off now. They're pretty crazy with fireworks here. New years will be interesting. No, we don't get any special privileges here on new years.

It was nice to see you guys! (Skype) Bianca's still the same, and that's a good thing haha. Mom and Dad look like they lost weight and even look younger haha.I feel bad for Bryan because I'm so mean now. The Filippino culture is just to make fun of people and laugh about it. To make fun of peoples weaknesses. I avoid making fun of peoples weaknesses though. For example they'll say, your super good at guitar and then they'll say, but your nose is too big, Stuff like that, they just make your weaknesses known all the time to lift themselves up haha but I'm used to it now. and I'm learning patience. If you call someone stupid, it's the end of the world, and they'll hate you for a LOONG time. They hold grudges better than women! I don't get it. I'm also gonna need another manners lesson when I get home because there are absolutely NO manners here. They chew with their mouth open. I still get angry inside when they chew louder than a pig. I'm getting mad just thinking about it haha. You know what I'm talking about Bianca. Imagine everyone eating apples like a 4 year old with a man sized body. Are you angry? hahahaha.

The work here is amazing. I just had 4 baptisms and have 4 more set for the next few months (If I don't get transferred). The people are going to church! We have about 100 people at church as an average and before it was much less.

What ever you are all saying in your prayers is working because there has been NO problems in the house since! With the bad spirits or any of the missionaries in the house (there are 4 of us in there) and especially my companion, its all 100% better and I guess I could say I'm super happy now!

Thank you all so much! The work is true, the church is true, and the Master leads this church and resides in the temples leading this church at this very moment through miracles and the simple essence of the Holy Ghost that brings us our happiness, safety, and peace everyday.

Elder Kapeliela