I love you all so much! MERRY CHRISTMAS! Here's some pictures!
This week was great, we had the entire north half of the mission at a Christmas devotional! They were all really cool! It was awesome having so many missionaries in one place. Kinda like the MTC.


Mango season now, wow, they're sooo good... be jealous.


I got two packages from Kathy :) Thank you so much! Everything in the box it seemed I was craving! And the drinks are PERFECT, I'm sick of water here, haha! Just wait till she sees the pictures I'm going send to her! I still haven't got my package from home yet, but I'm patient.

Happy new year! I had baptisms here last week! The work is GREAT! It's progressing. Our goal is to make it a stake and not a district! Anyways, Love you all! Enjoy the pictures!
That's the mountain that I'm gonna hike in the day time and the night time! It's not dangerous, the members said, so don't worry!


You can see the mountain behind the church.