Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Maligayan bagong taon!

Jan. 6th

Pretty good week this week. I ate a ton of food, seriously. We spent our New Years at a members house, they were from Manila and rented a house so we went there. The person there was an MTC worker and super cool. The culture here is pretty cool! They are good at fire dancing! But all the cultures in Mindanao.

We had 14 investigators in our ward this Sunday! The hard work payed off. We have positive baptisms this month and next month! We made an area with 0 active members into 20 active members! We've been having a lot of family home evenings, and they're way fun! I know SO many games now it's not even funny. I'm finally going to baptize a man! His name is Perfecto and he's 50, he quit drinking, smoking and tea and coffee!!!!! He''s awesome! His kids were baptized by me the last week. I sent you pictures. Our baptisms on February 5th in honor of Bianca's birthday, haha. 3 candidates. Ones name is Fe, another Jerusalem and Perfecto, awesome names right? We have 2 baptisms on the 19th of Jan, Ruby and Roy! We had 7 inactive people become active again too! It means they went to church 4 times in a row.

The way that they celebrate new years here, is they spend all their money on fireworks and just throw them on the street all day. They're WAY loud, kinda like m80s. 2 people died here from drinking. For there funeral, they walk on the highway with the dead and play depressing music all the way to the grave. That's how I want to go to the grave!

I went to the beach! I'll try and get pictures next week for you! No, I didn't go in the water or even close. It was EXACTLY like Hawaii but the mountains in the back ground were bigger! The beaches here are so beautiful! The waves were WEAK though... they were like Hukilau, about 3 to 4 ft shore break, but they were rideable I guess?

Thank you SOOOO much for the package!! I am going to eat ALL of this food!!! Thank you so much!!!!

Keep praying for me, Don't let up pleeeaase, I KNOW that your prayers are working!! Tell me some of your blessings since I've gone on my mission!

Dad, I just told Bianca since she went to a monster truck show that I've regretted leaving early for the past 10 years haha. We'll go again when I get back!

I miss you all and I'll try and get pics up next week!

Love you! Elder Kapeliela!

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