I GOT TRANSFERRED! and no, that's not a happy thing. I loooooooooved my last area SOOO much... man. But it was fine, I didn't say by, so it wasn't too sad. Oh well. Well I'm in San Antonio zone now in a town called Cabangan. There used to be sisters there in the house but now Elders. and it also used to be one set of missionaries but now its 2 sets. One of the kids was in the MTC with me and were rockin it in Tagalog. We woke up at 5 am to play basketball this morning. I played pretty well. The players are pretty good here. It's beautiful, I'm in the mountains and we're going to hike next week on a huge mountain with the first councilor.
Anyways, this is a biking area, so I'm pretty soar. I love biking though and its speechlessly beautiful by the ocean, hills, rice farms and hills. Although tiring, I'm getting stronger and I'm looving the views and stuff. I haven't yet gone to the beach but apparently its like Hawaii. I'm going tomorrow to check it out real quick and we'll have FHE out there in the future. I don't have my camera but I will show you pictures. There are 3 other missionaries living here. They're being disobedient so I'm being the best example I can be!

Love you all SOOO much! Merry Christmas!