Monday, February 4, 2013

Dec 9


I have a new hobby of collecting different pictures of religions because there are just SO many religions here.

The storm was in New Bataan, not Bataan so I am perfectly fine. In fact it only sprinkled and there wasn't any extra wind that I noticed.  The deaths and casualties in the south were soo sad. Literally like Pearl Harbor, but whole families died. A whole city got destroyed. They weren't prepared. All is well up here, plus its way more sturdy up here.
 I can honestly say that I have not been cold here once. Well once in the bishops office by the AC, and General conference. But, totally fine over here. I'll always tell you as fast as I can if there is a storm here.

There was a giant parade here the other day where little kids dress up as nations of Asia and the world and make little floats and ride down the street. There were 3 Hawaiian floats and it made me super happy! They were all dressed up in little hula outfits.

I read a talk from Elder Bednar about prayer. Man he destroys my mind, but what I got out of it was that we need to act more after our prayers. If you pray for something, do something to show faith that you are trying to obtain that. I don't know. I guess my message is to just to act more on our prayers.

I have NO idea why people think I look like David Archuleta but they do, and it brings a great missionary opportunity every time because he's on a mission! But yeah, I don't know why they said I look like him.

Every time I am riding down the street and look to the left or right it's just breath takingly beautiful here. I know I'm gonna miss it here. I'm still trying to decided if you guys could handle it here hahaha.

Tomorrow is transfers. My guess is that my comp will go train and that I'll get a new companion. Or we'll both stay here. But I have no idea.

Buy a hot tub so that I can use it when I get back! Haha

When I raise a family. I'm raising them in Washington, 100%.

Filipinos know how to celebrate Christmas.

I love you all! Successful week! We've averaged 12 new investigators every week! Best in the mission!

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