Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dec 2 cont.....

Friday was a community fiesta so a parade walked through our little street. Our street is called Taglish-ville haha. They were really talented too... the brass and drumming...

That picture of the dance competition was on the day of the fiesta on Friday. EVERYONE said, come eat! Come eat! I said yes every time... I was full on Saturday after that. It was awesome! It's a community smaller than University Place and they had a GIANT random dance competition RIGHT outside of our house! Bianca would LOVE it here, all the dancers are supper swagged out of the womb and everyone can dance. And everyone DOES dance. The Filipinos LOVE my dancing hahaha. But ya, the dancing was really good. It made me laugh haha.

My teaching skills have been improving a lot, I mean ALOT, we're really getting some meaty lessons going here! Its awesome! We have baptisms on Dec 29th and January. Close to Christmas!

MAN these weeks are going by fast! RIGHT? I hope you all get my letters soon, I sent a ton.

My personal letters are really long haha. Thanks for all the emails! I loved them all! Seriously!

Mahal ko kayo!

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