Monday, January 7, 2013

Nov 18

Kumuzta Kayo???? I miss you all so much! Thanks to everyone that contributed to my box! I'm super excited to get it! I appreciate every email and every Dr Elder and every letter so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!

This week was great. It went by really fast though. I improved a lot in understanding Tagalog this week. I can honestly say that just about every lesson this past week was a conversion. The spirit is so strong in every lesson that when we commit people, they except. When someone accepts a commitment it's a promise to change. It's a way of repenting and changing your life. We have an investigator who asked us how to become a member. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! They asked the PERFECT question haha. By the end of the lesson she had a baptismal date! It was a cousin of the Relief society president who passed away. An inactive member became born again and through the spirit brought her back to the true church! She always knew it was the true church.

I bought some bell bottom slacks today. I hope I'm making my dad proud. I seriously ROCK them.

Well I sent a ton of letters off! I hope you like them!

2 of our investigators passed their baptismal interview! 4 less actives returned this Sunday too! How is this happening?!?! Easy. Because when you do what is right, the lord is bound to bless you. I know this is true. So be righteous in your lives so that he will bless you. If you hope that he will bless you because of your righteousness, he will.

Have hope!

Ingat kayo!
Elder Kapeliela

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